How to Fringe in 2023

Read on to learn more and help make the most of your time at Fringe 42: The Answer is Fringe.

Join us on a journey through…

  1. What is Fringe?
  2. How do I fringe?
  3. What can I do at Fringe?
  4. What should I pack?
  5. What else should I know about?

1. What is Fringe?

Fringe Theatre was born of a revolution, a grassroots, Do-it-Yourself movement that cultivates ongoing collisions between community and art. The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival was founded in 1982 on the power of story by allowing Artists to perform and create unique productions ‘on the fringe’ of the arts scene. Since exploding onto the scene in 1982, we’ve been home to artistic risk thanks to tens of thousands of Artists & Volunteers, and millions of Fringer’s who’ve built this Festival.

The Edmonton Fringe Festival is the largest, longest-running Fringe Theatre Festival in North America and one of the top 5 worldwide, alongside the global greats like the Edinburgh and the Adelaide Fringes.

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2. How do I Fringe?

There’s no one way to fringe. Once you’re here, you can’t go wrong. Fringing is about escaping into the unknown and taking creative risks. No matter how you fringe, one thing is for certain: Fringe is for you because fringing is for everyone.

Here’s a lil’ bingo sheet for those who may like a little extra guidance. Completing any ‘row’ on this sheet is sure to guarantee you have a swell time!

As a PDF

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3. What Can I Do at Fringe?

Fringe Indoors

Theatre is an exchange. A living, breathing story shared among people. At Fringe Theatre, we believe in the power of story. Storytelling strengthens communities and crosses divides. It is a starting point, a journey, a celebration. With more than 186+ indoor theatre shows, there’s something for everyone! If you’re looking for a full listing of shows and schedules, check out our Schedules & Maps page!

Schedules & Maps

Are you ready to purchase a ticket? Visit or call us over the phone at 780-409-1910

Tickets are on sale now! 


Show tickets range from $9 to $18.

Some shows offer special pricing for the littlest Fringers, Students, and/or Seniors. Our listed tickets (in the Festival Guide and online) are inclusive of the ticket price and service fee. What you see is what you pay.

Did you know Artists set their own ticket price? 100% of that ticket price goes directly into their pockets.

As a charitable organization, Fringe Theatre charges a service fee of up to $3 per ticket to support basic Festival operations. Our service fee helps us continue to amplify Artists’ stories by providing them with the infrastructure they need to share their art with you.

Still have questions? Visit our Box Office Info page!

Box Office Info

Theatre is a magical and transportive experience. Please give your full attention to our Artists: silence your cell and put it away. Photos and videos during performances are prohibited.

Also, if you see something amazing, shout it out! Tell your friends, post on social, and let the Artists know you loved their show.

  • Tip: Don’t forget to visit the restroom before you arrive! Check your ticket to make sure you arrive on time and at the right venue. With a jampacked Festival, our indoor shows do not allow latecomers. We recommend arriving at show venues 30 minutes early.

Fringe Outdoors

Our two outdoor stages and a handful of street pitches across the Festival Grounds showcase the wild talents of more than 20 outdoor performers from around the world. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and individual Fringe donors like you, our outdoor Festival events and activities are FREE. Check out the schedule of amazing performers on our Schedules & Maps page!

Schedules & Maps

Looking for other events? Visit our Special Events page for exciting additions to your fringing experience!

Special Events

Your Fringe experience isn’t complete without Festival food and beverages. Our Food Vendors serve up iconic Fringe eats and treats while our Volunteers sling ice-cold drinks all day and all night. Whether you’re here for a quick visit or a full day of fringing, we have plenty of amazing Artisan Vendors who sell everything from treats to handmade keepsakes.



Kids, round up your adults. Created especially for our littlest Fringers, KidsFringe offers performances created just for kids, workshops, crafts, and more! Everything at KidsFringe is FREE! Located north of the main site in Light Horse Park (10324 85 Ave NW), this Festival within a Festival is a special oasis just for our littlest fringers and their caregivers.


Holdover Series

Did you miss the show everyone’s raving about? We showcase a few of our favourite Fringe shows after Festival for a special run from Wednesday, August 30 to Saturday, September 2. Holdover Series tickets are on sale now!

Fringe Online: FringeTV Livestreams 

Rather Fringe from the comfort of your own home? We get it. Fringe TV is jam-packed with stream-able entertainment options so you can Fringe from your side of the screen wherever you comfortably find yourself in the world.


Audio Tour 

We have something Fringe-y in store for you. Developed in 2021 in partnership with Story City, this Audio Tour is an audio tour of historical Fringe locations and stories. Both an amazing way to walk around the Old Strathcona neighbourhood and retrace the steps of Fringe’s history! Written by our own beloved Office Manager, official Fringe historian, and lauded Fringe playwright Gerald Osborn. Learn more on our Audio Tour blog post!

Fringe Audio Tour

Patio Time

No summer is complete without a stop at one of the Fringe Festival patios or tent. We have four patio locations on site, including our ATB Community Patio, a great spot to take a little break from seeing shows or find some shade on a hot day (or shelter from a rainy one!).

You can grab a good Sea Change Beer, Eau Claire Cocktail, or Village Cider and watch the Festival excitement with a beverage in hand.

Fringe Patios

Experiencing Old Strathcona

Located in the heart of Old Strathcona, Fringe is the perfect way to experience all the area has to offer. While you’re here, we enthusiastically recommend you check out the awesome nearby shops, restaurants, and businesses. Visit for a list of local businesses to shop, dine at, and explore.

Getting Here

Daily Festival Updates

With more than 185 shows and more than 1,500 performances in just 11 days, things are bound to change last minute! Please visit our blog to learn about important changes as they happen.

Daily Festival Updates

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4. What Should I Pack?

  • Hat: A good good is the perfect shade from the hot summer sun and is a great reminder to toss some cash & coins into outdoor performers’ hats.
  • Water Bottle: Edmonton summers are fickle. A water bottle, sunscreen, sweater (and maybe even an umbrella or dare we say it…mittens?!) come in handy when the weather turns.
  • Festival Guide: If you’re looking to bump up your Fringe experience, considering getting yourself a Fringe Festival Guide! This is the key to all there is to see and do at Fringe. With more than 185 shows across 34+ venues, outdoor stages, patios, and vendors, the fringing possibilities are endless. Looking to get a Festival Guide? Click here to learn more!
  • Map: What’s an adventure without a map? Visit our Schedules & Maps page or talk with any of our friendly Volunteers when you visit the site.
  • Wear casual clothing with layers: Some theatre venues do not have air conditioning, so wearing light clothing is helpful. However, when the sun isn’t shining it can get chilly, so make sure to bring long sleeves to keep you warm when the evening rolls around. Forget your warm wear? Our Fringe Shop has you covered! Find us onsite or online.
  • Comfortable, supportive shoes: The main site spans across six city blocks. Venues hosting theatre shows are located through the Old Strathcona neighbourhood, French Quarter, and beyond. Wear comfy shoes and give yourself lots of time to walk, roll, or hop between venues.
  • Curiosity: Visit our ATB Community Patio for a break and to chat with Volunteers about making the most of your Fringe.
  • A sense of adventure: Fringing is all about taking a risk. Be random. Pick a show, any show. Let fun by your guide. No matter the experience, you’ll have a great story at the end of it, we promise.

Looking for more ideas of what to pack and leave behind? Visit our Your Fringe page!

Your Fringe

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5. What  Else Should I Know About?


Where the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns stands today is a “meeting place” or “waiting place” known in Nêhiyawêwin as pêhonân, where for time immemorial people have traveled from up and down river to share in community, story, feast, and celebration. We honour the tradition and responsibility of upholding the intention of this meeting place through intentional curation by Fringe Theatre’s Indigenous Director MJ Belcourt Moses. From KidsFringe to ATB Stage, and our mikiwahp (on Gateway Boulevard) to our indoor stages, we invite you to celebrate Indigenous performances, installations, and stories across the Festival Grounds.


If you purchase tickets online or by phone, your e-tickets will be emailed to you. Everyone requires a ticket (e-ticket or printed ticket) to access a show. Reminder: you’ll need to show your ticket on your smartphone to get scanned into your show.

Snag your tickets online anytime, lace up those fringing shoes, grab your smartphone, and head straight to the venue to have your e-ticket scanned. If you have your e-tickets, you don’t need to stop at a Box Office to have tickets printed.

Inclusive Ticket Price

Show tickets range from $9 to $18.

Some shows offer special pricing for the littlest Fringers, Students, and/or Seniors. Our listed tickets (in the Festival Guide and online) are inclusive of the ticket price and service fee. What you see is what you pay.

Did you know Artists set their own ticket price? 100% of that ticket price goes directly into their pockets.

As a charitable organization, Fringe Theatre charges a service fee of up to $3 per ticket to support basic Festival operations. Our service fee helps us continue to amplify Artists’ stories by providing them with the infrastructure they need to share their art with you.

ATB Park

More than 21 outdoor Artists have travelled from across the galaxy to grace our Outdoor Stages and street pitches. From comedy and circus to music and magic, our main Festival Grounds are alive from 12Noon to 11:00PM every day of the Festival.


We strive to make theatre accessible for everyone. We are continually working with our community to remove barriers and find solutions so everyone can fringe to their fullest. That means listening, learning, and adopting. If you’re looking for accessibility support available on site and accessibility information for venues, please visit our Accessibility page. 


Fringing Year-Round

The Festival is 11 days of activities but we are home to arts 365 days a year. We honour the expanding definition of community and aim to build meaningful relationships with anyone interested in collaboration and artistic growth. To see what we get up to year-round, keep an eye on our website (which you’ve found if you’re reading this so you’re in the right place!). From an eclectic season of new work presented by local artists to more than 500 community, professional, and touring performances, the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns is your year-round home for performing arts.

Fringe Grounds Cafe

You’re invited to eat, meet, and create in our loiter-positive space. Located just inside the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns Lobby, Fringe Grounds Cafe will be open every day of Festival to serve up freshly brewed coffee and refreshing beverages. Check the Fringe Cafe website for more details!

Fringe Grounds Cafe

Social Media

When you’re fringing, you never know what wild adventure you might encounter. Follow us to keep up to date on the latest event, tips, behind-the-scenes news, and sneak peaks. Join in the #YEGFringe conversation!

Instagram Facebook Twitter

Looking for your golden chance to win? Follow us on social media and answer our daily clues (don’t forget to add #ATBGoldenTicket #YEGFringe)! You could win 100 Festival show tickets, VIP parking, and more thanks to our incredible Lead Festival Partner ATB! Enter to win August 9 – 24, 2023.

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We are Edmonton-grown and Edmonton’s own. We exist because theatre exists. What exists here during the 11 days of Festival doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

When you support Fringe Theatre, you ensure Artists continue doing what they do best: entertain, challenge, and wow you.

Whether you make a one-time gift or choose to give a little every month, thank you for celebrating theatre and building community! Gifts $20 and above will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Visit to learn how your gift supports Artists and our creative community, or click here to make a donation now.

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