How to Fringe

There’s no one way to fringe. If you’re on the Festival grounds, you’re already fringing. Fringing is about escaping into the unknown, taking creative risks, and blazing your own trail. It’s a beat-your-own-drum, lead-your-own-parade kind of thing. Once you’re here, you can’t go wrong. That said, we do have a few suggestions. Let the wild rumpus start!

Go wild!
With more than 1,800 performances, 51 venues, three outdoor stages, four patios, and 50 vendors, there are endless possibilities, but really, there are two main modes to fringing: Indoor and Outdoor.

…but not TOO wild
Edmonton summers can be fickle, so make sure you’re prepared for anything. Pack a water bottle, wear sunscreen, and have a sweater (and maybe an umbrella) handy in case the weather takes a turn. Want to gear up in style? Check out the Fringe merch tent for the finest gear this side of the river (if we do say so ourselves).

…and always expect the unexpected!
When you’re fringing, you never know what wild adventure you might end up on. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up to date on the latest events, tips, behind-the-scenes news, and sneak peaks around the Festival. Join the #YEGFRINGE conversation.

Show artists your love!
Artists put an enormous amount of time and energy into their shows, so if you see something amazing, shout it out! Tell your friends, share your thoughts on social media, and if you see the artist out on the grounds, let them know you loved their show—and maybe offer to buy them a beer!

Holdover Series
Did you miss the show everyone’s raving about? Fear not, intrepid fringer: a few of our favourite Fringe shows are held-over after the Festival for a special run from August 28 to August 31. Shows are announced and tickets go on sale at noon on Friday, August 23 at all Fringe Theatre and Tix on the Square box offices.

Respect the Wild Things’ habitat
Each year, Old Strathcona opens their neighbourhood to our Festival. It’s the place where the Wild Things have been fringing since 1982! Show our neighbours your love and gratitude by putting litter in the bins, keeping noise down (especially late at night), and considering how you commute to the site.

Fringing Indoors

It’s All About the Shows
The Fringe Festival is the place where artists and audiences are encouraged to take chances. With almost 260 indoor theatre shows, there is something for everyone! Learn more about each show, including their genre and maturity ratings, by staying tuned to our ticketing site.

Buying Tickets
You will need to purchase a ticket to enter any indoor theatre performance. Artists set their own ticket price, and 100% of that ticket price goes directly to the artists. When you purchase a ticket, consider it an investment in the arts!

Don’t Be Late
With a Festival this jampacked, we must run a tight ship, and sadly, that means no latecomers to our indoor theatre shows. Set your alarm, know where you’re going, and arrive on time. It’s best to aim to get to your venue 30 minutes early, because when you’re fringing you never know what kind of wild adventures may hold you up.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to visit the little monsters’ room before you arrive because we are unable to let you back into the show if you step out.

Silence the Cell
Artists put their blood, sweat, and yes, even tears into their show to provide you a magical experience. Show your appreciation by silencing your cell, dimming your screens, and putting away all recording devices.

Make your Fringe Golden
That Max is always getting up to mischief of one kind or another. Follow #atbgoldenticket to join the hijinks and you could win 100 Festival show tickets, VIP parking, and more! Enter to win August 7 – August 22, 2019.

Fringing outdoors

Free Festival Admission
Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and individual community members like you, our outdoor Festival events and activities are FREE.

Passing the Hat
Our outdoor performers work hard to make your jaw drop. It’s how they make their living. Thank them for their talent and toss them a toonie—or, if they really blew your mind, a twenty!

Patios: Where the Wild Things Chill
Whether you’re putting in a full day of fringing or stopping by for a refreshing beverage between shows or after work, we’ve got a patio for you.

Max himself couldn’t dream up a more wondrous place! Make sure to bring your kids, cousins, nieces, nephews, and neighbours to KidsFringe. Bonus: it’s FREE!

What’s New at the Festival

The Festival is the perfect time to shake things up and try something new—and that goes for us, too! Here are some of the changes we’re most excited about this year.

A New(ish) Home for KidsFringe
KidsFringe has grown up! We’re back at the Strathcona Community League (10139 87 Ave), where there’s even more fun to be had. Complete with playground, nearby splash park, and even its own Venue 6 dedicated to Theatre for Young Audiences. Head over to the KidsFringe gates and get ready for some family-friendly fringing!

New Box Offices
As the next best thing to e-tickets (we’re working on it, we promise!), there are now box offices at Venue 22 Garneau Theatre and Venue 23 The Grindstone, making it just a bit easier to pick up your tickets. And don’t forget, you can also snag your tickets before you even cross the river by dropping in to visit our friends at Tix on the Square (9930 – 102 Avenue, Sir Winston Churchill Square).

Construction in the Area
It wouldn’t be Edmonton without a little summertime road construction! The city will be doing some road work in the area during our Festival, so please be sure to check ahead for any traffic or road conditions that might make getting to your venue or finding parking a little more difficult.

Changes to the Shuttle Map
As a result of that construction we mentioned, the official Fringe Shuttle will be changing up its route a bit. The Fringe Shuttle runs August 15-25, 2019 approximately every 30 minutes from 12pm (Noon) to 12am (Midnight).

Stop locations:

Gateway Blvd – Northbound east parking lane on Gateway Blvd north of 82 Avenue.

Strathcona Park – Northbound parking lane on Tommy Banks Way, north of 87 Avenue.

French Quarters – Northbound ETS Bus stop on 91 Street between 84 and 85 Avenue.

Click here for a map!

Please give yourself enough time to get to Fringe events, as the shuttle can’t guarantee exact times.

New Outdoor Stage
Here at the Edmonton Fringe, we go big. To give our outdoor artists as much room as possible to bring you the most breathtaking acts, we’ve added a third outdoor stage! Catch the action on 83rd Avenue.

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