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At Fringe Theatre, we believe storytelling connects us all. Storytelling inspires curiosity and fosters togetherness. Storytelling builds and celebrates community.  

We give Artists the essential tools and space they need to share their stories with audiences and earn 100% of their ticket sales. Over the past 43 years, we’ve supported more than 43,000 Artists.  

What happens here in Edmonton every August doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. If you are a creative thinker, doer, appreciator, or anything in between, you belong at Fringe. And, if you love theatre and want to support Artists, we want to help you do that.  

Your gift ensures we continue to connect Artists and audiences now and cultivate community for years to come. Together, we will continue welcoming diverse and unjuried stories to our stages. 

Give Now, Fringe Forever 

As a charitable arts organization, the generosity of individual donors like you supports essential Fringe Festival operations so we can amplify and illuminate Artists’ stories. 

When you give to Fringe Theatre, you celebrate theatre and build community. 

How can you help support Fringe Theatre and the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival?

Make a one-time gift: gifts of $20 or more receive a charitable tax receipt 

Become a monthly donor: give a little each month & receive special behind-the-scenes benefits annually. If every Fringe fan gave just $5 a month, every month, Fringe Theatre would be immediately sustainable. 

Honour a loved one (who loved Fringe!) by making a gift in their name

Donate your cans & bottles to Fringe Theatre via Skip the Depot and you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt in return

Plan a legacy gift and impact future generations of artists and audiences for years to come. To learn more, please drop us a line:

Questions? Thoughts? Don’t be shy. Please say hi: 

If you wish to make a gift by mail, please send your donation to:
Fringe Theatre
Fringe Theatre Arts Barns
10330 84 Ave
Edmonton AB T6E 2G9 

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Fringe Theatre Adventures Society is a registered charity. Charitable Registration No: 11885 3506 RR0001 

Amplify Artists' voices

  • Fringe supports free artistic expression; our Festival stages are unjuried.
  • When you support Fringe Theatre, you ensure Artists continue doing what they do best: entertain, challenge, and wow you!

“Fringe is a beautiful experiment. Creative risk, and the failure that sometimes comes with it, is such an important part of being an artist. We don’t celebrate failure enough. The things that flop or get bad reviews or get a few walkouts, those can be celebrated in their own way. It’s cool because that kind of risk taking doesn’t happen anywhere else. That’s what Fringe is for.” – Lindsey Walker, Fringe Artist

Illuminate stages

  • We build essential infrastructure to support our Fringe Festival Lottery Artists, including providing the stages Artists perform on and the seats audiences sit in.
  • We provide the lights, sound, and professional technicians to fully realize the artistic vision of our Fringe Festival Lottery Artists. 
  • And, all Fringe Festival Artists receive marketing and ticketing support.

“It was hard for me for a long time to go somewhere and be ‘normal’ enough to be in a crowd of people, but guess what? At Fringe, your normal is welcome. Everyone is welcome here. And I love it!” — Terri Aihoshi, Fringe Artist (read more) 

Cultivate community

  • We’re a cultural hub for community all year round. Beyond Festival, the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns is home to more than 500 performing arts and events 365 days a year. 
  • At the heart of our community space is the Fringe Grounds Cafe, where chance encounters grow into meaningful collaborations, and messy first inklings become brilliant realizations 

“Connection with other artists and people in the community and audience members. That is the magic of the Fringe.” – Patricia Darbasie, Fringe Artist 

Believe in the power of storytelling

  • We’re committed to creating safer spaces for brave ideas and big artistic risk. The stories told on our Festival stages are unjuried.
  • More than 43,000 local, national, and international Artists have taken and artistic risk with us since we burst onto the scene in 1982.

“The connection between artists and audiences at Fringe is so close. Fringing is accessible for everyone. It really is a community. Fringing brings people together. Artists and audiences alike.”— Christina Augello, Fringe Artist 

Support artists

  • Did you know? Artists set their ticket prices and earn 100% of their ticket sales.
  • In 2023, Festival Artists collectively earned more than $1.2 Million!

“Fringe is for everyone, and Fringe lets emerging artists know: yup, you can put on a show. The range of expertise is from 0 to 100, but everyone has the same shot in terms of gathering an audience.” – Michelle Todd, Fringe Artist (see more) 

Invest in the next generation

  • Edmonton Fringe provides so many firsts for Artists: first shows, first paid opportunities, and first  audiences.
  • Many Fringe Festival Staff in the early stages of their careers go on to become movers and shakers in the arts scene in Edmonton and around the world. We’re proud of the impact we have on the local arts ecology! 

“I tell my students, go do the Fringe. That’s where you’re really going to learn everything. That’s where we learned. It was our education.” – Mike Kennard, Fringe Artist

Build careers

  • Edmonton Fringe welcomes more than 1,000 Festival Artists each year!
  • We employ 200+ staff every year to help Fringe Artists, Volunteers, and Audiences realize their Festival dreams. 

“The Fringe Festival definitely provides a launchpad for Artists. A very, very important launchpad. It’s such an amazing place for Artists to come and make a statement, bring their confidence up, and go conquer the world if they want to.” – k.d. lang (watch more) 

Give back

  • Since 1982, Volunteers have been both the heart and the backbone of Fringe.
  • More than 1,000 Fringe Volunteers dedicate their hearts (and summers!) to bring Fringe to life every year! 

“I hope Fringe will always be a place where everyone’s voice is heard; welcoming of different opinions. People support what they help to build.” – Janet Kerr, Fringe Volunteer Team Leader