When you donate to Fringe Theatre and the Edmonton International™ Fringe Theatre Festival, you celebrate art and champion community. You become a catalyst for creativity and a beacon for change — you elevate lives and strengthen our city.

Fringe Facts:
  • 850,000 visits to the Festival site
  • 122,000 show tickets sold
  • 100% of ticket sales go to the performers
  • $8,000 in infrastructure to each venue artist
  • $9.5 Million dollars spent at local businesses by fringers during the festival

Donate now to help us strengthen our programming and bring more people out to the Festival (and other shows year round!), which benefits the business community in Edmonton. Fringe Theatre brings an influx of foot traffic, both from locals and tourists to many areas in Edmonton.

The vibrant atmosphere, level of accessibility, and excitement of the Fringe Festival not only enhances the Edmonton landscape, but elevates our city on the worldwide stage. We are the largest Fringe Festival in North America!

Our donors are our partners. Donors empower us to advance arts and culture in Edmonton through the magic of Fringing.

Are you ready to embrace art and help our city grow?

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