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Fringe Theatre was born of a revolution. We are a grass roots DIY movement that cultivates ongoing collisions between community and art. We exist because theatre exists, and what exists here during the 11-days of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

At Fringe Theatre, we cultivate art, celebrate community, put people first, think yes, take risks, thrive on change, honour our past, and push forward. 

As a charity, we do all that thanks to the generous support of fringers like you.

When you support Fringe Theatre, you invest in the future of Canadian theatre. Your gift ensures artists continue doing what they do best: entertaining, challenging, and wowing you. 

“Fringe is for everyone, and Fringe lets emerging artists know: yup, you can put on a show. The range of expertise is from 0 to 100, but everyone has the
same shot in terms of gathering an audience.” – Michelle Todd, Festival Artist (see more)

“It was hard for me for a long time to go somewhere and be ‘normal’ enough to be in a crowd of people, but guess what? At Fringe, your normal is welcome. Everyone is welcome here. And I love it!” — Terri Aihoshi, Festival Artist (read more)

“The connection between artists and audiences at Fringe is so close. Fringing is accessible for everyone. It really is a community. Fringing brings people together. Artists and audiences alike.”— Christina Augello, Festival Artist

“We all want to fit in and the only way we can fit in is if we find our community. Being on the autism spectrum, it was important to me to present strong autistic characters on stage to create that community and help change the perspective by inspiring people to embrace the beauty of diversity.” — Adam Schwartz, Festival Artist (read more)


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Who Your Gift Supports

We’ve supported 38,000+ local, national, and international artists over our 38 year history. Giving to Fringe Theatre directly supports artists. 

We’re committed to creating a safe(r) space for brave ideas and big artistic risk, where chance encounters grow into meaningful collaborations, and where messy first inklings become brilliant realizations. Investing in Fringe Theatre is investing in the future of Canadian theatre. 

Our Fringe family includes nearly 1,200 dedicated volunteers who give 20,000+ hours every year! A gift to Fringe Theatre helps us continue to provide quality supports for our amazing volunteers. 

We employ 200+ summer staff to help Fringe artists, audiences, vendors, and audiences realize their Festival dreams. Many of our summer staff are in the early stages of their careers, and go on to be movers and shakers in the international cultural scene. When you support Fringe Theatre, you kickstart careers. 

We’re a cultural hub for arts all year round. The ATB Financial Arts Barns is 33,000 square feet of non-stop-almost-365-days-a-year activity. Giving to Fringe Theatre is giving to the greater Edmonton community. 

As the oldest and largest Fringe Festival in North America, we see 800,000+ visits over 11 days each August alone! Not to mention our audiences over the other 354 days of the year that are jam packed with concerts, weddings, circus, improv, dance, theatre, and other Festivals! Your gift will help keep the spirit of fringing alive forever. 

The uncharted waters of the COVID-19 pandemic are strange for everyone. Our Fringe family is far reaching and we’re working hard to imagine new ways to support artists, volunteers, patrons, staff, and our community in this new reality. 

We’d like to extend some big ol’ heartfelt love to all the artists finding inventive ways to create, spread joy, and share moments of connection with audiences near and far during this strange and trying time. We’re all in this together!

We will adapt. We will continue to be home to creativity, risk, craft, and community. And we will open our doors as soon as it is safe for us to gather again. Theatre will play an important role in healing as we learn to process and understand the impacts of the pandemic.  

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Donate your yearly Fringe budget: the same amount you’d usually spend on tickets, the Festival Program Guide, and green onion cakes. Or! Buy one $13 ticket to a show you’ll never see and a $7 beer you’ll never drink so we can Fringe Forever!

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