The Friends You Make: Joan and Lynn Didrickson – Fringe Volunteers

After 30 years of volunteering for Fringe, Joan and Lynn Didriksen have seen the Festival

Meet the 2022 ATB Financial Golden Ticket Winner: Ma-Anne Escobar

You heard it here first: Ma-Anne Escboar is 2022’s lucky winner of the annual ATB

The 2022 Gerald Osborn Playwriting Award Winner: Rebecca Merkley

Gerald Osborn has devoted an extraordinary 30+ years to Edmonton Fringe! The Gerald Osborn Playwriting

The End of Page Fright: Corine Demas – Fringe Artist & Mowat Diversity Award Winner

Over the years, Corine Demas has been a Fringe volunteer, played host to traveling artists,

There’s a Place for You Here: Lindsey Walker

Fringe is an extraordinary happening, a catch-you-by-surprise phenomenon, an unjuried, uncensored artistic adventure. But it’s

Living Fringe to the Fullest: James Song (Fringe Patron, Donor, & Board Member)

James Song had his love for Fringe on display before he was ever involved with

Trust Your Art: Japan’s Theatre Gumbo and the Creative Freedom to Explore

Theatre Gumbo has traveled the world with their unique brand of surreal comedy. But the

Welcoming Back pêhonân: Fringe’s Indigenous-Led & Indigenous-Centred Venue

Pêhonân returns this year to Fringe for its second year as Fringe’s Indigenous-run, centred, and

Meet Dallas Arcand Jr!

Dallas Arcand Jr.’s first Fringe experience was a hit—if a bit exhausting, too. A three-time world hoop dance champion, Arcand’s daytime shows at the 2021 Festival went over so well he was invited to perform at the Festival’s evening-ending Late Night Cabaret.

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