We are launching a movement to sustain Fringe Theatre.

Expenses are skyrocketing; funding is dwindling; and previously dependable revenues are not keeping pace with the cost of producing the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. This rapidly evolving challenge is threatening the very fabric of our Festival and others like it. Without your immediate support, our Festival will be very different.

We believe in the transformative power of the arts and are committed to maintaining our impact. To achieve that, we need your help now.

Did You Know?

Cancelling the 2020 Festival was a $3 million loss in revenue for our organization. While we have celebrated incredible successes in the post-pandemic regrowth of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival thanks to the ongoing support of Funders, Sponsors, and Donors, we are still recovering.

And we are not alone. Based on industry insights, what was previously believed to be a three-to-five-year recovery window in the arts is now being estimated at a 10-year post-pandemic rebuild. 

  • The number of Canadian performance arts companies has decreased by 25.9% and the number of promoters and festivals has decreased by 18.5% since 2019.(2)
  • 80% of charities are experiencing a staggering increase in the cost to deliver services. (3)
  • The pandemic triggered a demand crisis for more than 57% of charities across the country.(3)

Without immediate support, our Festival will look and feel very different.

Why Fringe?

Fringe began as a grassroots movement where anyone can be an Artist. We make space for out-of-the-ordinary, unconventional, and boundary-pushing art. Unlike traditional presenting models, Fringe Artists receive 100% of the profit from their ticket sales.

When you buy a ticket to a Fringe show, you are supporting the Artists on the stage. When you donate to Fringe Theatre, you ensure Artists have access to all the essentials they need – the stage, the lights, the sound, the technicians, the audience – to tell their stories and propel their careers.

Our Impact

Despite growing challenges, Fringe Theatre stands as a testament to the resilience and the transformative power of the arts.

Fringe by the Numbers:

  • Over the 11 days of our Festival, we ignite more than $16 Million in local economic impact annually.(6)
  • Artists in Fringe-run Festival venues receive more than $10,000 in support per production each year. 
  • We returned $1.2 Million in ticket sales directly to Artists in 2023.
  • We welcome more than 550,000 site visits each year. (4)
  • Festival-goers attend an average of 3.4 times over the 11 days of Festival, (compared to a 1.2 average number of visits for other events similar in scope and scale).(4)
  • 84% of Festival-goers rated their experience at least an 8/10, and 40% rated their experience a 10/10.(4)
  • 96% of our Festival goers say their Fringe experience exceeded their expectations. (5)
  • 95% of Fringers believe it is important for businesses to support major events like ours, and 71% of Fringers believe that Sponsors enhance the Fringe experience.(5)

We drive the arts ecology here at home, across Canada, and around the world. Supporting Fringe is one of the most impactful ways you can support the performing arts.

When you support Fringe Theatre you:

  • Provide resources for 1,600 Festival Artists each year;
  • Create more than 300 jobs for Arts Workers;
  • Uplift 1,000 Volunteers;
  • Subsidize accessible performance space for more than 500 year-round arts events;
  • Help us grow our awards that support the creation of new work, playwrights, equity-seeking artists, and emergency artist relief funds; and
  • Ensure we continue delivering exceptional community-minded programming, including: KidsFringe, Youth Empowerment, pêhonân Series, Community Care, ASL for Theatre Training Program, Fringe Grounds Cafe, Offer What You Will Ticket Program, Relaxed Performances, and so much more!

Why Your Support Matters

Your donation ensures Artists have the essentials: the stage, the lights, the sound, and an engaged audience. Your support goes beyond the Festival. It’s an investment in Edmonton, the arts, and the future of Fringe Theatre. Over the past 43 years, we have created exceptional artistic experiences, built community, propelled artistic careers, and put Edmonton on the map as a destination and creative engine.

As we face the challenge of doing more with less, your support is crucial in sustaining the Festival you know and love.

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly giving ensures the lights stay on, the doors stay open to the community, and Artists’ stories continue to captivate hearts. Monthly gifts provide a predictable foundation, empowering Fringe Theatre to focus on what we do best – uplifting Artists’ stories and creating transformative experiences for our audience. If every Fringe fan gave just $5 a month, Fringe Theatre would become immediately sustainable.

Make a Gift

When you give to Fringe Theatre, you empower Artists. Creativity thrives, voices are amplified, and stories are celebrated. Gifts of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Sponsor our Fringe

We have exciting properties for you to sponsor. We build win-win partnerships. We offer outstanding visibility. We are the best place to showcase your brand. Every sponsorship is custom, and your tailored benefits may include naming rights, on–site activation and signage, online advertising, exclusive event and ticket opportunities, website and social media promotion, and more.


If you wish to make a gift by phone, please call 780 448 9000.

To make a gift by mail, please send your donation to:
Fringe Theatre
Fringe Theatre Arts Barns
10330 84 Ave
Edmonton AB T6E 2G9

Fringe Theatre Adventures Society is a registered charity. Charitable Registration No: 11885 3506 RR0001 


“Edmonton stands out as a beacon for the arts.”- Brian Paisley, Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival Founder, Fringing Since 1982

“The Fringe Festival definitely provides a launchpad for Artists. A very, very important launchpad. It’s such an amazing place for Artists to come and make a statement, bring their confidence up, and go conquer the world if they want to.” – k.d. lang, Fringing Since 1983

“The Fringe has had, since its earliest days, a creative tension between chaos and order. If you have an idea, make a show, bring it, and see if anyone likes it. It is generated by artists, for artists, and for the audience. That is a pretty cool thing to see in action. [The Edmonton Fringe Festival] changed a city – its entertainment demeanour, its sense of a party, its bedtime, its profile across the country, the continent, and beyond.” – Liz Nicholls, Fringing Since 1983

“The Festival welcomed oddballs like me – the ones who mainstage theatre dismissed. At the Fringe, there were no rules about what theatre should be. If you have the passion and the drive, the Fringe can make the impossible a reality.” – Marty Chan, Fringe Artist

“Theatre is an explosion of so many things. It comes off the stage. We proved that with the Fringe. It no longer stayed on the stage.” – Colin MacLean, Fringing Since 1982

“I tell my students, go do the Fringe. That’s where you’re really going to learn everything. That’s where we learned. It was our education.” – Mike Kennard, Fringing Since 1989

“The connection between artists and audiences at Fringe is so close. Fringing is accessible for everyone. It really is a community. Fringing brings people together. Artists and audiences alike.”— Christina Augello, Fringe Artist

“I hope Fringe will always be a place where everyone’s voice is heard; welcoming of different opinions. People support what they help to build.” – Janet Kerr, Fringing Since 1991

“We have a shared vision to give voices to those who feel like they haven’t had a voice. In the future, I want Fringe to be the place where people come to get a voice.” Shivani Naidu Barrett, Fringing Since 1995

“I would hope in 40 years, artists have created wild enough things that they need something completely different than what we do now. I hope Fringe is still around in a form that I couldn’t even dream of.” – Judy Lawrence, Fringing Since 1988

“When I don’t feel like I have a specialty – I always say Fringe is my specialty. I’m not a lighting designer; I’m not a stage designer. I do all the things. Fringe has been the family that has made me feel like that is okay.” – Tessa Stamp, Fringing Since 1998

“It seems like the door is always open here. It’s awesome.” – Adam Turnbull, Fringing Since 1990

“Fringe is for everyone, and Fringe lets emerging artists know: yup, you can put on a show. The range of expertise is from 0 to 100, but everyone has the same shot in terms of gathering an audience.” – Michelle Todd, Fringe Artist

“The Edmonton Fringe created the opportunity for people like me to put forward a new vision of what Edmonton looked like from the inside. By reframing the familiar, and setting it in a new context, I was literally queering the city I lived in, compelling Edmontonians to reimagine the place that they thought they knew.” – Darrin Hagen, Fringe Artist

“As a Fringe lover, you may or may not know how producing at the Edmonton Festival works. You see: the Edmonton Fringe is where dreams come true.” – Ellen Chorley, Fringe Artist


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