A Fringe Theatre Event
August 12 – 22, 2021
a hyper-local, hybrid event featuring live and digital performances
Tickets on sale August 4 at 12Noon 

Together, we fringe.  

Together, we see shows. We laugh. We cry. Sometimes, we laugh till we cry and cry till we laugh. We volunteer. We make friends. We find love. We experience that fleeting moment of connection that only ever happens once the house lights go down and the stage lights come up.  

Together, we make memories.  

Together, we drink cold beer in the hot midday sun (or in the pouring rain, or even once in the snow back in 1992). We eat green onion cakes with too much hot sauce. We ooh and ahh at the fire spinning, chainsaw juggling antics of an artist wowing you from the top rung of a ladder. We stay up too late (and we don’t regret one minute of it). We go to see a show alone but share the experience with 100 other people.  

Together, we create.  

Together, we take a risk on something new, something unknown. We watch artists try something for the very first time, and we watch them become the next big thing. We dance in the street. We turn those memories into great stories. We share our love for this – this celebration of theatre and art and community – with our loved ones, our new friends, our city, our province, our country, our world. Because what happens here, in Edmonton, doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.   

Together, we care. 

Together, we look after one another. We imagine the future of Fringe.  

We’ve been fringing together for 40 years. We want to fringe with you for 40 more and beyond. 

Together, we fringe. 

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