We believe EVERYONE has the right to fringe in a safe place, where they are welcomed and respected. If you witness or experience bullying, harassment, discrimination, abuse, threats, or assault, please submit a report below.

Report an Incident

If you require professional help or support, we encourage you to please access the community crisis resources listed below.

Crisis Resources

Safer Spaces Program

We are committed to a respectful, safe environment where all community members are treated with respect and dignity.

Our Safer Spaces Program provides initiatives, policy, and procedures that encourage inclusion, reduces opportunities for harm, and supports victims, survivors, and allies who choose to report an incident.

Our Policies

Our Pledge


The following are initiatives we’ve employed to help build safer spaces.

We are available to provide safe escorts to or from any vehicle, venue, or public transportation location within two blocks of the Festival site or ATB Financial Arts Barns any time an event is open. Please ask a staff or volunteer if you would like a Safe Walk escort.

All-gender, stalled washrooms are available in the ATB Financial Arts Barns south of the Studio Theatre. During the Festival, all site portable toilets are single stall, all-gender.

Pronoun pins are available for free at the box office. These pins can be worn as a way to help other community members call one another by our pronouns.

Staff and volunteers are provided with annual awareness training. Additionally, staff receive training, such as Supporting Survivor education. These sessions offer staff and volunteers practical skills to recognize when and how to help when witnessing harassment, as well as how to support people who have experienced sexual violence.