Edmonton Fringe was born of a revolution. We are a grassroots, DIY movement that cultivates ongoing collisions between community and art all year long.

Gosh darnit, ain’t nothing gonna keep a good Fringe down. We’re finding innovative ways to celebrate theatre and togetherness when we’re apart.

Instead of selling tickets to real live shows this year, we went old school and hosted our first ever TELETHON to kickstart our Tears, Beers & Tickets You’ll Never Use fundraiser. THERE’S STILL TIME TO DONATE! Donate a $7 beer you’ll never drink or a $10 ticket to a show you’ll never see so we can fringe forever. 

But wait! There’s more! Tune into Fringe TV and catch the next live episode of Fringe Revue. Or make your next Fringe golden and enter to win the ATB Golden Ticket. Or nosh on delicious take out and sip ice cold brews from the Fringe Grounds Cafe. Or rep Fringe wherever you go and shop our online store. Or bring the spirit of Fringe home with our exclusive Fringe at Home Kits. Or join us online for 11 days of the Fringe that Never Was. Or donate your Tears, Beers & Tickets You’ll Never Use to ensure we come back next year stronger than ever. Whatever you do this summer, go big…by staying home.

We miss you fringers, but we’re still here with you, and we can’t wait to fringe with you again.

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