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Picks of the Fringe

September 5, 2017

Did you go to a show that you absolutely fell in love with? Or, one that made you laugh so hard you cried? While you were fringing this year, we certainly hope you found your favourite show.

Every year we host our very own awards – the Picks of the Fringe! These awards are a chance for you, the audience, to get involved and share opinions on what show you loved the most during your Fringe experience.

The following categories of awards were handed out to our incredible artists:

2017 Picks of the Fringe

Patrons’ Pick: 6 Quick Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow InvestigationTim Motley (Elwood, AUS)

Critics’ Choice Media Pick: The Exquisite HourTeatro La Quindicina (Edmonton, CA)

Staff Pick: My Love Lies Frozen in the IceDead Rabbits Theatre Company (London, UK)

Artists’ Pick: You Fucking Earned ItBouffonatrix (San Francisco, USA)

Volunteers’ Pick: My Love Lies Frozen in the IceDead Rabbits Theatre Company (London, UK)

These awards mean a lot to our artists. Make sure that you vote for your favourite show and give them a chance to win the Patrons’ Pick award.

Vote for your Pick of the Fringe

Keep these steps in mind to participate next year:

  1. Save the ticket stub: Write your name and phone number on the back of the ticket stub from your favourite show
  2. Vote at the ballot box: Drop the sub in the ballot box, located at the Information Booth in the ATB Community Gazebo

There are multiple ways to show your fav Fringe show love. Spread the word to your friends, see the show more than once, or vote! Make your top show a Picks of the Fringe award winner!

2016 Picks of Fringe

Patrons’s Pick: Bella Culpa – A Little Bit Off

Critics’ choice Media Pick & Staff Pick: The Dragon – Dead Rabbits Theatre Company

Artists’ Pick: Falling Awake – RAGMOP

Volunteers’ Pick: Icarus – Rob Gee

Show your love for you favourite Fringe show via Picks of the Fringe!

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