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And, since fringing is for everyone, we reserve 25% of the seats at every performance in our season for our Pay What You Will program.

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Sprouts New Play Festival for Kids

Concrete Theatre

June 3 & 4, 2017 Lobby activities begin at 1:00 PM each day Performances begin at 2:00 PM
In the Westbury Theatre

Sprouts is a weekend of family fun where children have an opportunity to experience the creation of new live theatre in an imaginative, informal and creative atmosphere. 

This year, our crop includes three brand new short plays:

Alicia and the Machine by Chris Dodd

Deep Dive by Glenda Stirling

Hello, Land! by Tara Beagan

Featuring Karen Johnson-Diamond, Colin Dingwall, and Morgan Yamada

Directed by: Mieko Ouchi
Dramaturged by: Caroline Howarth
Stage Managed by: Rachel Dawn Woods
Designed by: Patrick Beagan and Betty Kolodziej
Music by: Erik Mortimer

These plays can be enjoyed by children as young as 18 months to 12 years old. Babes in arms are also warmly welcomed! Join us in the Westbury Theatre and Lobby to enjoy music, crafts, art and theatre – all for kids. After the plays you can write or draw your thoughts in our special art garden plot.

ASL interpretation of the plays will be provided on both days, and synopsis of the plays will be available in Arabic.


The Preacher, The Princess, and a Crow by Nicole Moeller

Azimuth Theatre/Fringe Theatre

May 18–27, 2017
In the Backstage Theatre

“That crow has been following me my whole life…you can never escape the devil.”

Invisible in the innards of the inner-city, engulfed in the flames of the flickering street lamps, Jasper is tasked with saving the princess… if only he can escape the clutches of the crow. A poetic firestorm that intricately weaves together fantasy and reality, The Preacher, The Princess and a Crow dares to examine our obsessions, question our compulsions and ask just how far we’re willing to go to be free. A ferocious new work from one of Edmonton’s hardest hitting playwrights, featuring a spellbinding performance by award-winner Steve Pirot, this is one fairytale not for the faint of heart.

“Never miss a Nicole Moeller play if you can possibly help it.” – Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca

This play contains sensitive material and mature content including: trauma, sexual abuse, suicide, and loud sound effects. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Directed by: Murray Utas
Featuring: Steve Pirot
Set Design and Stage Management: Tessa Stamp
Lighting Design: Rae Dunn
Sound Design: Aaron Macri

Special Performances & Events:
All performances include limited Pay What You Will admission at the door.

Wednesday, May 17: Preview Performance, 100% Pay What You Will
Saturday May 20: Matinee Performance, 100% Pay What You Will
Tuesday, May 23: Relaxed Performance, 100% Pay What You Will
Wednesday, May 24: Post-Performance Panel Discussion on Mental Health, 100% Pay What You Will
Thursday, May 25: Azimuth Theatre Fundraiser Event “Escaping the Stigma”
Saturday May 27: Matinee Performance, 100% Pay What You Will


Bone Wars by Matthew MacKenzie

Punctuate! Theatre

April 20–30, 2017
in the Backstage Theatre

When eleven year olds Tickailia, Don, Chelsea and Thulasy are forced to abandon their canoe trip down the Red Deer River and take refuge in an abandoned mine in the Badlands to wait out a tornado, they become embroiled in a historical quarrel; who was the greatest Palaeontologist of them all?

While waiting for the tornado to pass, a trial ensues as Othniel Marsh and Edward Cope, the world’s most legendary dinosaur bone hunters, vie for Palaeontology supremacy. The children play unwitting judge and jury, along with a host of wild west characters who are called upon to be the pathological Palaeontologists’ witnesses. When the tornado passes, the kids walk out into the world determined to not allow the insanity of the Bone Wars to repeat itself; because in the end, neither Marsh or Cope was the winner—both were losers. Just as our society’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels pushes our world toward catastrophe, so too did these dinosaur bone hunters’ insatiable appetite for fossils fuel their demise.

Punctuate! Theatre engages, under the terms of the INDIE 2.2, professional Artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.