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Bone Wars by Matthew MacKenzie

Punctuate! Theatre

April 20–30, 2017
in the Backstage Theatre

When eleven year olds Tickailia, Don, Chelsea and Thulasy are forced to abandon their canoe trip down the Red Deer River and take refuge in an abandoned mine in the Badlands to wait out a tornado, they become embroiled in a historical quarrel; who was the greatest Palaeontologist of them all?

While waiting for the tornado to pass, a trial ensues as Othniel Marsh and Edward Cope, the world’s most legendary dinosaur bone hunters, vie for Palaeontology supremacy. The children play unwitting judge and jury, along with a host of wild west characters who are called upon to be the pathological Palaeontologists’ witnesses. When the tornado passes, the kids walk out into the world determined to not allow the insanity of the Bone Wars to repeat itself; because in the end, neither Marsh or Cope was the winner—both were losers. Just as our society’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels pushes our world toward catastrophe, so too did these dinosaur bone hunters’ insatiable appetite for fossils fuel their demise.

Punctuate! Theatre engages, under the terms of the INDIE 2.2, professional Artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

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The Preacher, The Princess, and a Crow by Nicole Moeller

Azimuth Theatre/Fringe Theatre Adventures

May 18–27, 2017
in the Backstage Theatre

Jasper is a damaged soul living in the urban core. In fear of what he is capable of, he has imposed a state of exile upon himself. He lives alone, and has boarded himself in: in part to protect himself against external evils; in part to protect innocents from his own predatory potential.

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