We strive to make theatre accessible for everyone. We partner with CRIPSiE (the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton) Spinal Cord Injury Alberta, and Voice of Albertans with Disabilities to provide an overview of the venues available at the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns. 

We are working on a comprehensive accessibility plan for all fringe patrons, artists, and volunteers. If you have ideas or feedback, please let us know by emailing hello@fringetheatre.ca, texting at 587-570-4577.


The designated DATS drop off is located on the east side of 103 Street, north of Whyte Avenue. More information is available here: https://www.edmonton.ca/ets/dedicated-accessible-transit-service.  


Unfortunately, due to festival volume, Fringe Theatre cannot provide disabled parking for patrons who need close access. Patrons are encouraged to be dropped off at the 103St/Gateway Blvd. entrance or use public transit to access the festival. 

Vehicle access will not be permitted on 83 Avenue between 103 and 104 Street for Festival set-up. Paid parking will be available nearby at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market across 103 Street from the event site. This makes for a three-block walk. Unfortunately we cannot offer disability or reserved parking.   

Bus routes 4, 8, 9, 701, 404, 523 stop within walking distance of the event site, and we encourage DATS, taxi, or ride-share users to drop off on 103 Street just north of Whyte Avenue (near the public washrooms on the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Whyte Avenue).


Fringe offers a safe walk service from the grounds to your car, DATS drop-off, or ETS bus stop within 500m off-site. Please go to Orange Hall to have us assist you or call 587-784-2664 to schedule a time. We recommend you call in advance (ideally 2 hours before you are leaving) to provide time for the coordination of staff. We are able to accommodate last-minute requests as well.   


Over the last two years, many of us have been mainly in our houses. We have gone out into the world less. The Fringe staff has felt it, and we imagine you have too. The world may feel a little bit more jarring, louder, and more “on.” So, to help, Fringe is offering ear plugs and sensory kits at select locations. Our Community Care, Security, and First Aid Teams are also onsite during Festival if you need to alert them to anything or find a quiet space to decompress. 

This year we are trying something new with calm or quiet spaces. We recognize that each person has their own needs when it comes to decompressing. There are designated quiet spaces throughout the Fringe site. Ear plugs will also be made available at bars for patron’s use. 

Patron quiet spaces are located at the Edmonton Public Library Strathcona Branch, and the pêhonân TeePee. Please respect noise levels in these spaces.  



General Site Accessibility

Fringe is making constant improvements on Festival grounds to make it more accessible for all. This year, we have fewer cables running on the ground but rather up in the air! Unfortunately, there is still uneven ground throughout the site due to grass, footpaths, gravel and older pavement.

Drinks with lids 

This year, lids and straws are available for beverages purchased at our beer tents! Ask the staff for them as needed. 

Site information 

First-come, first-serve seating will be available at picnic tables surrounding the site with a large area of open room to move and dance near the front of the stage. Some tables will be reserved for wheelchair seating. Entry to the site will be available from all sides, there are no entry gates or ticket checkpoints as this is a free public event.   

Note that while there are walkways available to navigate the site, there is also uneven ground and grassy terrain throughout the park where some seating and the stage are placed.  

Service Dogs allowed! As per Human Rights legislation, certified Service animals are allowed everywhere patrons need to go. We ask that you leave non-certified support animals at home. 



Our main box office and all our theatres in the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns are equipped with hearing loops (T-Coil Loops) for patrons with hearing loss. These loops transmit directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant electromagnetically, with no extra equipment. To use the system: 

  1. Ask your hearing aid provider to activate your t-coil function. 
  1. When you arrive at the theatre, switch your hearing aid to your t-coil function and adjust the volume as needed. 

Those without hearing aids can also utilize a portable headset receiver. Units are available to rent for free by emailing box office: boxoffice@fringetheatre.ca, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Patron sensory kits for theatre viewing are available to borrow for the Westbury, Backstage Theatre and Studio Theatre only. Kits contain headphones, and sunglasses to buffer the lights and sounds in the theatre. Kits are available at the Centre Box Office. Name and phone number are required. Thanks to St. Albert Children’s Theatre Festival for lending them to us! 


For people who need extra time or specific seating, are strongly encouraged to go to the front of the line to pick seats for our lottery venues (venues 1-8).  Please inform the Front of House staff and they will assist you.  


All our theatres in the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns are wheelchair accessible. Patrons requiring a wheelchair stall must secure their ticket at the box office in person or by phone (780-409-1910). General admission tickets purchased online do not guarantee wheelchair stall availability.  

ASL Performances 
Epidermis Circus: Aug 17th @ 5:45

Larry: Aug 18th @ 5:15
August 14 at 4:30

August 21 at 4:30


Chair information for each venue has been added to the venue descriptions and information below. Please contact us if you require a different chair (arms/no arms, more sturdy, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate. 


In accordance with Alberta legislation, certified service dogs can go anywhere their humans go. We ask that you keep your non-certified pets at home. 


Looking for venue accessibility for all our lottery and BYOV venues during Festival? Please visit our Venue Accessibility page 

Venue Accessibility
Accessibility Specifications

Below is accessibility information for each venue within the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns.

The Fringe Theatre Arts Barns is wheelchair accessible for all public spaces. This includes the lobby, box office, gendered washrooms, cafe, and theatres. This is right on site grounds and not available with close parking. 

  • Box office and theatre are located through the main entrance of the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns. 
  • Area around Fringe Theatre Arts Barns is quite flat. 
  • No stairs or ramps to get into the building or the theatre. 
  • Doors into Fringe Theatre Arts Barns are a 34” width. 
  • Entrance to Westbury Theatre is a 32” width. 
  • Accessible seating is available on either side of the front row.
  • Washrooms are available down the hall of the main lobby on the northeast side of the theatre.
  • Washrooms are accessible and have clearance for a 32”w x 32”h chair. 
  • The theatre is air conditioned. 
  • Chairs: the chairs have arms and some padding. Chair measurements are: depth 17.5 inch by 17.5 inches wide, and height (floor to seat): 18.25 inches  
  • Box office and entrance to the theatre is located outside and on the north side of the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns. 
  • If coming from the west side of the building there are rail tracks on the path to the theatre. There is also a small lip in the concrete in front of the venue. Both should be approached with care.
  • Main entrance to the theatre is accessible, with a 32” width clearance. 
  • Reserved accessible seating is available in the front of the risers, or in some configurations at 29” high cabaret tables.
  • Washrooms are accessible and have clearance for a 32”w x 32”h chair. 
  • Washroom signs have braille.
  • The theatre is air conditioned. 
  • Chairs: the chairs have arms and some padding. Chair measurements are: depth 17.5 inch by 17.5 inches wide, and height (floor to seat): 18.25 inches  
  • The theatre entrance has a 32” width clearance and a 90 degree turn to get into the theatre 
  • This venue is equipped with a hearing assist system. T Coil hearing assistance system (for use with some hearing aids) will be activated for all performances in this venue. As well, there will be a few headsets for those whose hearing aids are not compatible available at the theatre, on a first come, first serve basis. To access the system, please ask your Front of House volunteers who will notify the technicians 
  • Emergency bathrooms are available down the Studio A-B theatre. Bathrooms have a 32” clearance 
  • The theatre is air conditioned. 
  • Chairs: the chairs have arms and some padding. Chair measurements are: depth 17.5 inch by 17.5 inches wide, and height (floor to seat): 18.25 inches  

If you have any updates or questions, please contact us at hello@fringetheatre.ca