Fringing is for everyone.

We are continually working with our community to remove barriers and find solutions so everyone can fringe to their fullest.

That means listening, learning, and adapting. We like to think we’re subject to instant improvements.

Read on for information on accessibility, including physically accessible venues and washrooms, accessible performances, Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS) drop off and pick up.

General Accessibility Information

We recognize that the term accessible can mean different things to everyone. In this context, we are referring to barriers to the disability community. We are continually working to improve accessibility, and welcome any feedback. Please contact us at 780-409-1910 or with feedback or questions.

Site Info
Our site is loud, busy, and crowded. This may make it difficult to navigate the site. Please reach out to us at 780-409-1910 or or to anyone with a Fringe staff or volunteer identification lanyard for assistance getting around the site or to your venue.

Neighbourhood Renewal
While we do our best to stay up-to-date with City construction plans leading up to and during the Festival, Nieghbourhood Renewal is ongoing and sometimes unpredictable. Because of this, we are not always aware of the status of sidewalks, curbs, and pathways. If there is an issue with the Festival site proper, please contact us at

Wheelchair Stalls
Wheelchair stalls for venues can be purchased in person at the ATB Financial Arts Barns Box Office or by phone. Tickets purchased online do not guarantee wheelchair stall availability, so please contact us in person or by phone at 780-409-1910.

Accessible Box Office Info
We have introduced a wheelchair and mobility aid accessible wicket, located at the box office located at 83 Ave in front of Venue #3 Global Walterdale Theatre.

Other Mobility Tool Information
Wheelchair stalls are expressly for patrons who will be sitting in their wheelchair or mobility aid, and don’t have a seat reserved for them. For patrons who will not be using their mobility aid to sit during the performance, please book a ticket online, over the phone at 780-409-1910 or in person at any box office location.

Please ask the Front of House Volunteers for assistance at the venue, or go to the front of the line to ensure a ground-level seat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 780-409-1910 or

Hearing Loops
Our main box office and all theatres inside the ATB Financial Arts Barns are equipped with hearing loops (t-coil loops) for patrons with hearing loss. These loops transmit directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant electromagnetically, with no extra equipment.

To use the system:

  • Ask your hearing aid provider to activate your t-coil function.
  • When you arrive at the theatre, switch your hearing aid to the t-coil function and adjust
    the volume as needed.
  • Those without hearing aids can also utilize a portable headset receiver. Units are available to rent for free from the box office located in the ATB Financial Arts Barns and are available on a first come-first served basis.

Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS)
The designated DATS drop off is located on the east side of 103 Street, north of Whyte Avenue. More information is available here.

Relaxed Performances
Some artists may choose to offer relaxed performances during the Festival. While we encourage artists to consider the list of suggested elements below, we cannot guarantee relaxed performance experiences will be the same or even similar from show to show. If you have questions or feedback please contact us at 780-409-1910 or

Relaxed performances aim to:

  • be understanding of patrons who make noise
  • be understanding of patrons who may need to stand, walk, or leave the performance
  • provide pre-show information such as plot summary and when to expect loud noises
  • reduce or soften extreme special effects, such as strobe lights
  • dim auditorium lights slightly