Meet the 2023 ATB Financial Golden Ticket Winner: Jen Anderson-Wong

You heard it here first: Jen Anderson-Wong is the lucky winner of the 2023 ATB Golden Ticket contest! She answered our online clues between August 9 and 24, earning multiple chances to win – and she did.

Powered by our Lead Festival Partner ATB Financial, the ATB Golden Ticket provides one winner each year with an exclusive experience at the 2024 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival, including:

  • $250 spending money
  • 100 tickets redeemable to any 2024 Fringe Festival indoor performance
  • VIP onsite parking for the 2024 Fringe Festival
  • Private catered dinner for two at Chianti Cafe & Restaurant
  • Two tickets to the Fringe Festival Wrap Party
  • 3-night stay at the Metterra Hotel or Varscona Hotel on Whyte during the 2024 Fringe Festival
  • And other exciting Fringe opportunities.

Jen will be taking on the full Fringing experience August 15-25, 2024 as the official 2023 ATB Golden Ticket recipient. Read on to learn more about Jen and how she plans to make her 2024 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival golden!


Congratulations on your shiny ATB Golden Ticket! How long have you been fringing?

Since 2007 or 2008!

What do you love most about fringing?

I love spending the week with my best friend Martina. We have always fringed together, and it’s so much fun! I also love the communitymeeting new people, trying new restaurants, and enjoying our beautiful city!

What is your favourite Fringe Festival memory?


When Martina convinced me to bid on one of the wooden dinosaurs during Fringe-o-Saurous Rex. We were in the beer gardens and it seemed like an excellent idea. I won Strathcona Rex, and she lives in my backyard now. I didn’t know how it would arrive, and it came just as is in the back of a pickup truck.  It was hilarious! These people carrying this giant dinosaur into my yard! 

If you had to choose, what would be your 2023 ‘Pick of the Fringe’?

I loved Field Zoology 201. It was hilarious! Recommend it for sure and hope there’s a 301 next year!

The Answer is Fringe was all about adventure and out-of-this-world experiences. What makes Fringe out-of-this-world for you?

Spending the 10 days with my bestie. It’s truly the best.

Which part of your grand prize are you most looking forward to enjoying at the 2024 Fringe Festival?  

Being able to see so many shows! We are going to have the best time!

We can’t wait to Fringe with you next year, Jen! 

A huge thanks to ATB Financial for making Jen’s Fringe golden and helping make everyone’s Fringe awesome. For everyone who played along, we loved reading all your comments and sharing in the memories. The spirit of Fringe is truly alive. We hope you’ll play again next year! 

Till then, Fringers! 

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