Our team is a group of passionate and diverse individuals. We expand and contract with each season of activity, scaling up to more than 100 staff during the Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Event.

Some of us are born and raised Edmontonians. Some have travelled the world to work here. Some have been fringing since dinosaurs roamed. Some fringed for the first time last year. Some of us drink tea, others prefer coffee.

Fringe Theatre’s events, season, and everything between is only possible because of many essential teammates. We are comprised of artists, volunteers, community and industry partners, sponsors, donors, staff, and audience members!

But, three loves unite us all: We love fringing. We love theatre arts. We love community. And, we work hard to ensure our house is a place where you belong.

We are grateful for the work and heart each team member brings to our Fringe family.

Our team includes:

  • 24,526+ Artists
  • 1,200+ Volunteers
  • 300+ Donors
  • 75+ Event Staff
  • 50+ Sponsors
  • 25+ Industry Partners
  • 25+ Technicians
  • 20+ Year Round Staff
  • 1 Million+ Audience Members