Freaky Green Eyes | 22-23 Fringe Theatre Season

As the 2022-23 Fringe Theatre Season continues on, we’re excited to start the year with

Spotlight on Magician Keith Brown

Hot off the heels of a sold out run at the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe

Evandalism by MC RedCloud | 22-23 Fringe Theatre Season

The 2022-23 Fringe Theatre Season features coming-of-age stories about growing up and finding your voice

Leaving Expectations Behind: Erika MacDonald and Paul Strickland, Fringe Artists  

Theatre Mobile Embraces Surprise While Touring the Fringe Circuit – Erika MacDonald and Paul Strickland,

The 2022 Gerald Osborn Playwriting Award Winner: Rebecca Merkley

Gerald Osborn has devoted an extraordinary 30+ years to Edmonton Fringe! The Gerald Osborn Playwriting

The End of Page Fright: Corine Demas – Fringe Artist & Mowat Diversity Award Winner

Over the years, Corine Demas has been a Fringe volunteer, played host to traveling artists,

There’s a Place for You Here: Lindsey Walker

Fringe is an extraordinary happening, a catch-you-by-surprise phenomenon, an unjuried, uncensored artistic adventure. But it’s

Trust Your Art: Japan’s Theatre Gumbo and the Creative Freedom to Explore

Theatre Gumbo has traveled the world with their unique brand of surreal comedy. But the

Meet Dallas Arcand Jr!

Dallas Arcand Jr.’s first Fringe experience was a hit—if a bit exhausting, too. A three-time world hoop dance champion, Arcand’s daytime shows at the 2021 Festival went over so well he was invited to perform at the Festival’s evening-ending Late Night Cabaret.

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