Fringe Theatre is for you because fringing is for everyone. We’re happy you’re here, fringer. You belong here.

Plan your best Fringe ever. Below you’ll find info about ticketing, the Festival Guide (on sale July 27!), accommodations, our beloved Old Strathcona neighbourhood, and more.

Getting Here

For info on getting to site, the return of the Free Fringe Shuttle, parking, and more visit our Getting Here page!



Fring exists because theatre exists and what exists here doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Are you really fringing if you’re not getting your fill of theatre?

All indoor theatre shows are ticketed. You must purchase a ticket in advance to enter the show. Tickets can be purchased on site at any Box Office or online and scanned at the door of your show.

Have you heard the news?! E-ticketing is finally here, fringers! Snag your tickets online anytime at, grab your smartphone, and head straight to the venue to have your e-ticket scanned. No need to stop by a Box Office before your show (unless you don’t have a smartphone with you or you’re someone who loves collecting ticket stubs, in which case we’ll happily print your ticket at the nearest Box Office location).

Looking for more details about Box Office hours and locations? Check out our Box Office Info page!


Festival Guide

The Festival Guide is your go-to source for all things Fringe! Available for sale at any Box Office location during Festival or at a selection of retailers in Edmonton and area starting July 27!

Learn more on our Festival Guide page!


What Should I Bring?

Here are a list of items we recommend you consider bringing with you:

  • Wear Comfortable, supportive shoes: The main Event site spans across six city blocks. Venues hosting theatre shows are located throughout the Old Strathcona neighbourhood, French Quarter, and beyond. Wear comfy shoes and give yourself lots of time to walk, roll, or hop between venues.
  • Plan for the unplannable: Edmonton summers are fickle. A water bottle, sunscreen, sweater (and maybe even an umbrella or dare we say…mittens?!) come in handy when the weather turns. Visit our ATB Community Patio for a break and to chat with Volunteers about making the most of your Fringe.
  • Wear casual clothing with layers: Some theatre venues do not have air conditioning, so wearing light clothing is helpful. However, when the sun isn’t shining it can get chilly, so make sure to bring long sleeves to keep you warm when the evening rolls around. Forget your warm wear? Our Fringe Shop has you covered! Find us onsite or online.
  • A sense of adventure: Fringing is all about taking a risk. Be random. Pick a show, any show. Let fun be your guide. No matter the experience, you’ll have a great story at the end of it, we promise. See that magic 8 Ball wiggling at you in the bottom corner of your screen? Give it a shake and let it pick a show for you!

And here are some things we really, strongly, definitely recommend you NOT bring:

  • Your dog, cat, ferret, boa constrictor, or other beloved animals: Fringing is for everyone…except pets. We’d love nothing more than to welcome every puppy in the city to fringe with us for 11 days, but with lots of fringers visiting us, our site can be too loud and crowded for non-human family members. For the safety and well-being of both pets and people, please keep all animals at home unless they’re an on-the-clock service animal.
  • Valuables: You know the drill: it’s a big, busy site full of festive folks moving in and out all day long. Keep your personal belongings close and leave anything super valuable at home. Fringe Theatre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, but if you do lose something, visit Lost and Found located at Security Headquarters in Orange Hall and we’ll do our best to help you find it.
  • Anything smoke-able: Ours is a smoke free, family-friendly site, and has been long before legalization, which means no smoking or vaping on the Fringe grounds.
  • Your car: We know we’re starting to sound like a broken record here, but between the very many fringers and ongoing summer construction, parking really is at a premium. Ride your bike, walk, take transit, ride the historic High Level Street Car, cab…just please don’t drive if you don’t absolutely have to.

How to Fringe

Are you a first-time Fringer? A casual Festival-goer? A blossoming theatre-lover? Read more hot tips on How to Fringe before jumping in (though, we’re the jump-right-in-with-both-feet-ask-questions-later kind of folks who strongly encourage adventure and spontaneity, so you do you!).

Also, stay tuned for more information about How to Fringe workshops held before and during Festival. These short, interactive workshops will give you the best insider tips for making the most of your Fringe experience!



We highly recommend the Metterra Hotel and Varscona Hotel. Both hotels are located along Whyte Avenue within just a few minutes’ walk of the Festival site.

The Old Strathcona Neighbourhood

We’ve proudly called Old Strathcona home since we first exploded onto the scene in 1982. Our Festival site is just a few minutes away from downtown and the University of Alberta. The neighbourhood has it all, with opportunities for all five of your senses.

Home to Edmonton’s Theatre District, Old Strathcona is bustling with arts and entertainment. With more than 15 blocks of restaurants and shopping, your trip to Fringe Theatre can easily become an adventure.

Looking for tips on where to go? Below are just a few of our favourite spots to dine, stay, or explore.

Wherever you land, make sure to let them know you’re a Fringer…special deals might await you!

Explore Old Strathcona