We’re happy you’re here, fringer!  

We’re committed to creating a respectful, safe, clean environment where community can thrive.  

We’re taking COVID-19 mitigation and safety processes very seriously. We are choosing to maintain strict safety mitigations inside our theatre venues and around all outdoor venues. These measures ensure even our most vulnerable community members can fringe with us. 

We want the return to fringing to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. We’re all in this together. We need your help to make this as safe an event as possible.  

Here’s how we can work together to make fringing awesome. 

Wear your mask inside the theatre.
Seeing a show indoors? Masks are required. Attending a performance outside in ATB Park, or grabbing a drink in the Big Rock Beer Tent? Masks are encouraged at busy pinch points (like when ordering a beer or purchasing merchandise from our awesome staff and volunteers), but otherwise masks are not mandatory on the outdoor site.

Keep your Distance
Together we fringe, even while we’re apart. It’s been a long 15 months, fringers. We know returning to crowds and indoor experiences might be a bit overwhelming. We’ve taken special precautions to ensure fringers can maintain a respectful distance inside our theatre venues and around all outdoor venues. 

Wash your hands
Just keep washing, just keep sanitizing, just keep fringing…all fringers are encouraged to please wash and sanitize their hands often. Soap and water are best, but hand sanitizer will do the trick, too. There will be hand washing stations and hand sanitizer available across all outdoor venues and at all indoor theatre venues. 

Head on Home if you’re Unwell
The show doesn’t need to go on. Especially if you’re not feeling well. If you’re under the weather, stay home. It’s important we not put you or others at risk. 

Support Each Other
Just like word of mouth for that sleeper five-star hit, kindness spreads. We love you fringers, and we’re excited to welcome you back. We’re in this together. By looking after each other we can ensure an awesome fringe experience for everyone. 

Share your Feedback
We’re subject to instant improvement! Let us know how we can make your fringe experience awesome. Drop us a line at hello@fringetheatre.ca.