Have You Met...Thomas Nguyen?

Thomas Nguyen (he/him) is an avid volunteer and adventurer at heart. Prior to working as Fringe’s Volunteer Coordinator, he was heavily involved in various organizations at the University of Alberta. When he’s not working, he loves spending time out in nature, especially in the mountains. From camping to hiking to skiing and more, Thomas loves…

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Daily Discount

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Maclab Wine Tent

Live musical entertainment at the Maclab Wine Tent!

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Are you the Wildest Thing of all? Join in our ATB Financial Golden Ticket Online

Volunteer With Us: Francis

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Camp Wild Thing

Howdy, Fringer! Welcome to Camp Wild Thing: zany summer camp fun with a Wild Thing

Spreading The Wealth: Meet the 2019 ATB Golden Ticket Winner, Laura Kim

“The most recent Fringe Festival, last year’s Festival, was the best experience I have ever

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Adam Schwartz calls himself the most unlikely comedian. Not because he isn’t funny; he is.

Finding The Spotlight, An Artist Journey: Meet Terri Aihoshi

A writer all her life, Terri Aihoshi never imagined she would one day become a

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Pre-Order Your Festival Guide! (UPDATED JULY 29) – Thanks for the overwhelming response, Fringers! Pre-Orders

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