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We asked the Fringe team to share their favourite things about theatre. From the dim of the lights to that perfectly timed first line, and the magic of the rehearsal process to a raucous standing ovation, there's so much to love (and miss!) about live theatre.  NAME: Adam POSITION: Executive Director WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE…

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Sterling Awards 2017

Celebrate the glamorous stars who dazzle Fringe Festival stages and all season long at the ATB Financial Arts Barns…

Festival Themes 1982-2019

36 Years of Fringe Festival Themes…


Safe spaces for self expression fuel artistic creativity and unite diverse communities. There are endless opportunities to learn about one another and our unique journeys.

Amica & Dave: Surprising Fringe Adventures

We catch up with touring superstars Amica and Dave about catching the Fringe bug, surprising adventures and a van named Vanna White.

Eva Foote: Community meets Combustible Party

We chat with super Youth Trouper Eva Foote about how the Fringe is a combustive party kicked into overdrive.

Jeff Page: Find your Fringe

We chat with long time Fringe Innie and local artist Jeff Page about finding your Fringe.

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