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Pre-Order Your Festival Guide! Start planning your best Fringe adventure and pre-order your Festival Guide today. Place your order before August 6, and our team will mail you a physical copy of the Festival Guide*. Tickets go on sale at 12 Noon on August 7. * Festival Guides ordered by July 29 should arrive by…

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Fringe 35 Wrap-Up

The last day of the Fringe Festival always comes with mixed emotions.

Amica & Dave: Surprising Fringe Adventures

We catch up with touring superstars Amica and Dave about catching the Fringe bug, surprising adventures and a van named Vanna White.

Eva Foote: Community meets Combustible Party

We chat with super Youth Trouper Eva Foote about how the Fringe is a combustive party kicked into overdrive.

Jeff Page: Find your Fringe

We chat with long time Fringe Innie and local artist Jeff Page about finding your Fringe.

Are You a Fringe Innie or Outtie?

The easiest way to start fringing is by discovering whether you’re a Fringe Innie, Outie, or both!

A Welcome Message

A warm welcome from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wishing all Fringers a wonderful festival.

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