The Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival brings more than 1,500 diverse, talented, and enthusiastic artists to our stages. Their passion and creativity never fails to amaze audiences as they present more than 200 new shows each year. Please read below to learn how to become involved in the Fringe™ Theatre Festival as an artist.

Lottery artist applications for the 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival are now closed. View the list of 2018 Lottery Artists here.

Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) applications are now open. Apply here!
Deadline to apply is Monday, March 12, 2018 at 5pm (MST). Click here for a list of potential BYOV venues. PLEASE NOTE: BYOVs must be secured before you can apply to the Festival. All BYOVs are subject to a walk-through by our Senior Directors to ensure the venue meets the rules of the Festival and City of Edmonton codes. Applications will not be finalized until the venue has been authorized by Fringe Theatre.

Walk By Busking Applications are now open. Apply here!
Deadline to apply is Monday, March 12, 2018 at 5pm (MST).

Each year 1,500+ artists come from across the world to participate in the Festival. Since our Festival is non-juried, uncensored, and subsidizes many production costs, artists from all backgrounds are able to participate.

Each year artists enter a lottery for the chance to be awarded $8,000 in support of their Festival show. Through the generosity of individuals and sponsors, we are able to offer that award to an average of 100 shows each year!

Artists that are not selected in the lottery can still present their show during the Festival by securing their own venue. Similar to lottery artists,  they still receive box office, marketing, public relations, and operational support. About half of our shows at the Festival are artists who have secured their own venues.

All artists set their own ticket price, and receive 100% of the ticket price from the box office.

Support Fringe Artists!
  • Buy a ticket to see an indoor theatre show.
  • Give buskers a round of applause and toss something in when they pass the hat.
  • Make a charitable gift in their honour.

You, the artist, are why we produce the Fringe Festival. Your inspiration and creativity astound us – and we are proud to support you. As a founding member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), we adhere to the CAFF guidelines – producing a non-juried, uncensored Festival.

Our Festival hosts approximately 1,500 artists each year. 100% of the ticket price goes directly to artists, allowing you to collectively earn more than $1.2M through the box office each year.

We operate 10 venues that can support an average of 110 shows each year. Shows are selected by lottery and scheduled by Festival staff. Each show selected receives approximately $8,000 in support, such as staging, lighting, technicians, and venue.

We also welcome artists to bring their own venue (BYOV), wherein they can apply to bring a show that is hosted in an independent venue. You can learn more about BYOVs below.

All artists, lottery or BYOV, receive support from Fringe Theatre through box office, marketing, advertising, promotions, and public relations.

Questions? Please read our Artist FAQs!

Bring Your Own Venue Info

Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) is an indoor artists stream that allows performers to bring a show to the Festival through a venue other than one managed by Fringe Theatre. If you were not a winner of a lottery spot, or if your show is better suited to another space, BYOV might be the right fit for you.

If you choose to produce in a BYOV, we suggest an average rental fee of $10/seat, however this varies venue to venue. BYOVs come with financial risk and additional work that is the responsibility of the producing company. Fringe Theatre does require BYOV participants adhere to some guidelines, which can be found on the BYOV application.

Click below for a list of regularly used BYOV locations. You are welcome to get creative and find another venue in the Edmonton area.

Potential BYOV Locations

Questions? Please read our Artist FAQs!

Please read the artist Terms and Conditions before applying to the festival.

Outdoor Artist Info

Our Festival hosts approximately 50 outdoor artists each year. With more than 850,000 visits to our site, our outdoor artists play a big role in animating the Festival.

Each performance is allotted a 45 minute time slot. Performance content is artistically driven and must be suitable for all ages. There are three streams available for outdoor artists to apply:

  1. Walk by Busking Pitch Stream. Ideal for musical acts or walk by busking acts. Artists are selected by lottery and scheduled by Festival staff.
  2. Street Circle Show Stream. Appropriate for all levels of circle show experience that are designed to build and hold a crowd. The Festival hosts large pitches and medium pitches (medium pitches unable to accommodate fire or rigs). Artists are selected by lottery and scheduled through a daily draw at every morning of Festival.
  3. Outdoor Stage Stream. Ideal for experienced performers with a strong show that can hold a large crowd. Artists are selected by lottery and scheduled during the course of the Festival by staff. Artists are guaranteed a minimum of 18 scheduled shows during the Festival. Those shows are evenly distributed between the main outdoor stage and a designated stage performer pitch.

Questions? Please read our Artist FAQs!

Please read the artist Terms and Conditions before applying to the festival.