Everyone who attends the Festival is fringing. Fringing is about experiencing something new and exciting. It’s taking a journey that YOU get to shape. It’s exploring the unknown while you also embrace the familiar.

Whether you are seeing indoor theatre shows, watching outdoor performers, eating green onion cakes, sipping a drink in the Big Rock Beer Tent, or connecting with artists, once you step foot on the Festival site your fringing has begun!

We’ve collected some sage advice to help you navigate the merriment and mayhem in the magical world of Fringe.

Make the Festival Your Very Own

With more than 1,600 performances, 42 venues, three outdoor stages, four patios, and 65 vendors, the Fringe Festival is the ultimate DIY festival! Fringing comes in all shapes and sizes so don’t be afraid to jump in and make it your own.

The best place to begin exploring is discovering whether you’re an Innie, Outie, or both – and we aren’t talking belly buttons here. Discover your thirst for indoor performances, outdoor stages, buskers, vendors, artisans, and more by trying something new during Festival.


Surprise Yourself

No matter who you are, where you come from, or why you came, the Fringe Festival is your chance to leave behind the clutter of every day and embrace the magic of theatre. Pick a show to see at random, taste a food you’ve never tried, or talk to someone new – you never know what you’ll discover.

Stay Appraised of the Possibilities

New opportunities are always popping up. Follow the #YEGFRINGE conversation @EdmontonFringe for the latest events, tips, behind-the-scene news, and sneak peaks around the Festival. Or, Follow us on Instagram or Like us on Facebook!

Meet the Artists

Fringing is a shared experience. If you loved a show don’t be shy, let the artist know. They might even be up for a friendly chat over beer, especially if you’re buying!


Don’t you wish you knew about fringing when you were a wee tot? Then make sure to bring your kids, cousins, nieces, and neighbours to KidsFringe. Bonus, it’s FREE!


Artists set the ticket price, ranging from $10 – $13 (plus GST/service fee). Please visit the Box Office for details and to purchase tickets.

What To See

Since everyone’s tastes are different we couldn’t possibly guess what you would like. But, we have a lot of tools to help you decide.

Our Festival Program Guide lets you hold descriptions and details for the whole festival in your hands. You’ll also find behind the scene interviews and tips on navigating the Festival. We provide categories and show ratings so you know, for instance, whether a show is a family friendly comedy or an adult geared drama.

We encourage you to take a chance on shows. Part of the Fringe experience is discovering something new. Out of the thousands of performances, our Randomizer can suggest something completely random for you to see.

Or, pop by the Daily Discount Booth, located near 84 Avenue, just north of the ATB Financial Arts Barns. Every day a handful of artists offer tickets for up to half off which might make your choice a little easier!