Given annually, the Nordic & Cloutier Family Innovation Award will provide one local artist, group, or company with up to $2,500 in funding towards professional development, training, innovation, and/or special project development.

This award is given annually and is awarded as a cash gift. The Innovation Award is dedicated to the John Cloutier family and their locally owned family business, Nordic, for their advocacy and investment in theatre arts. In the last 15 years the Cloutier family has generously supported more than 500 performances by 100 artists. This award honours their incredible commitment to the ingenuity and creativity thriving in our community, and will ensure artists have the resources they need to keep Edmonton on the forefront of the theatre arts.


Eligible applicants must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • be a resident of Edmonton (or live within 40km) for at least one year prior to the application deadline;
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have a valid work permit;
  • be a professional artist(s). In this context, professional refers to any artist committed to building and/or pursuing a career in theatre arts. Applicants may not currently be enrolled in post-secondary education specific to theatre. Applicants at any stage of their career (emerging through established) are encouraged to apply;
  • submit an overview of how funds awarded will specifically benefit their artistic practice, including professional development, mentorship (to cover the cost of your participation in a mentorship opportunity, or to cover artist fees to engage a mentor on your project), training, innovation in theatre arts creation, and/or special project development. This award may not be used to offset the cost of a public ticketed performance, post-secondary education fees, personal bills etc. Award funds may be used to supplement travel costs if travel is more than 40km outside of Edmonton.

Award Amount

The Nordic & Cloutier Family Innovation Award is given annually to one local based theatre artist or group. The award provides up to a $2,500 cash award toward professional development, training, innovation in theatre arts creation, and/or special project development.

Application Process & Evaluation Criteria

Applicants must include the following in their application:

  • lead artist name, email, phone, address, company name if applicable, social media handles, and website (if applicable);
  • a summary of how funds awarded will be used (2500 characters max);
  • an overview of how the experience will specifically benefit your artistic practice, including expected outcomes, and personal and community impact (2500 characters max);
  • artistic resume or biography including details of your artistic career and training;
  • groups/collectives are encouraged to include a brief history if relevant (2500 characters max);
  • if the funds are designated for mentorship, please include the bio of the mentor; and
  • expenses, including a brief overview of how the award funds will be applied to your professional development, training, innovation in theatre arts creation, and/or special project development.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic integrity: Does the applicant demonstrate capacity to achieve the goals set out in their application? Will the use of designated funds have a considerable impact on the community and/or the artist(s)’s artistic practice? Will the artist contribute to the local theatre scene in a meaningful way as a result of the use of designated funds?
  • Project viability: Is the scope manageable? Is the budget realistic?
  • Alignment: Does the use of designated funds align with the overarching artistic goals of Fringe Theatre, including:
    • Quality – Does use of designated funds support exceptional quality experiences in development, training, innovation, and/or special project development?
    • DiversityDoes the use of designated funds support the development of new paradigms and perspectives, or give voice to the minority, the unheard, or the overlooked?
    • Relevance – Does the use of designated funds reflect issues or concerns in our community, globally or locally?
    • Variety – Does the use of designated funds offer opportunity to support a range of genres, styles and techniques?

Successful Applicant Agreement

The successful applicant must agree to:

  • Submit a final report measuring the overall success of how funds benefitted your professional development, training, innovation in theatre arts creation and/or special project development, including a finalized budget outlining projected and actual expenses;
  • Provide Fringe Theatre unlimited rights to publicize, advertise, and promote the applicant and their work in relation to the Nordic & Cloutier Family Innovation Award;
  • Adhere to all guidelines and agreements within any contracts or contractual obligations required by professional associations, unions, and holders of copyrights for their performances; and accept sole responsibility for making all payments under such contracts;
  • Assume sole responsibility for any and all contractual obligations related to the project under their application, and for ensuring the artistic content of the production abides by the laws of local, provincial, and federal bodies;
  • Accepts full liability for any claims arising from responsibilities related to the production under their application, holding Fringe Theatre blameless; and
  • Adhere to the Fringe Theatre Code of Conduct & Agreement.

Failure to comply or fulfill these agreements could result in the forfeiture of the award and prize.


The deadline to apply is 11:59P.M. MST on April 29, 2019.

Submission Process

Applications may be submitted electronically or in person. Electronic applications must be submitted using the form below or they will be disqualified. Hard printed copies of your application may be delivered to the Edmonton Fringe Theatre administration office, located at 10330 84 Avenue, marked “Regarding: Nordic & Cloutier Family Award Application.”

Completed applications must be submitted online using the form below.  

Applicants will be notified via email on the success of their application. The winning application will be announced by Monday, May 6, 2019.

Applications are now closed!