RISER Edmonton 2023: In My Own Little Corner

Fringe Theatre is thrilled to support RISER Edmonton as a Senior Partner and venue host, providing a platform for these influential, local creators to explore and share their work.

Through RISER Edmonton, four Edmonton-based performing artists and companies will receive support from Common Ground Arts Society and Senior Partners in the form of rehearsal and performance space, technical and creative support, and a year of mentorship and project development.

Carly Neis smiles at the camera, sitting in her wheelchair, she's wearing a black leather jacket and gold sparkle skirt. Behind her are string lights with sheet music pages hanging from the lights. There is also a desk with more sheet music.
Photo by Brianne Jang, BB Collective

Up next as part RISER Edmonton 2023, Carly Neis shares her heart in an original solo cabaret, In My Own Little Corner. Exploring the mess, beauty, grief, joy, and care of an unexpected friendship stitched together by the love of music and a shared longing to be acknowledged as artists, creators, and “normal” humans. 

Carly (she/her) is a disabled Edmonton-based actor, playwright, and arts advocate with Cerebral Palsy. A graduate of MacEwan University’s Arts and Cultural Management program, Carly recently expanded her practice as a Disability Arts Consultant to make the entertainment industry accessible for all. Carly debuted Tune to A as a playwright and performer in 2022, co-created with Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks and Cameron Kneteman. It is a play for young audiences about seeing past the limitations of others to illuminate their potential. Carly has also been asked to be on several panel discussions centred around her advocacy work, including most recently as part of the “Breaking Character: Disabled Actors in the Industry” panel presented by ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto. Carly’s currently working as a Production Access Coordinator on a new documentary series for CBC. 

In My Own Little Corner cast and crew all center stage. Carley Neis is center with support dog Gilmore. She is surrounded by 16 team members wearing face masks. There are string lights overhead and a light wall behind the group.
Photo by Brianne Jang, BB Collective


Q&A With Carly Neis

We spoke with Carly, where she opened up about the healing process of creating In My Own Little Corner. The show explores the empowerment of embracing one’s disability and/or illness and finding your community of support and lifelong friends.

Why are you telling this story now?  

Carly (C): It’s been a heavy couple of years dealing with loss, grief, and change on all levels. I wrote In My Own Little Corner as a reminder to myself that grief, at its core, is a reflection of the amount of love one has to give. Love comes in all forms, and for me to process what was happening, I had to be creative.

How did this story come to be?   

C: A couple of years ago, a member of my chosen family invited me to walk the journey of a life-changing diagnosis alongside him. It was one heck of an adventure! He gave me his permission to tell my side of the story to the world. It’s full of songs and stories that truly are full of his energy. 

What do you hope your audience takes away? 

C: Find the person who completes you! Find a person who supports you in all ways, but also has no problem laughing with you at your lowest. The process of creating this show is an excellent reminder that every story has multiple perspectives. It is my hope that there is something for all caregivers and caretakers! 

If you could go back to your younger self, what advice would you give?  

C: Stop letting people tell you “you can’t,” and always bring care and joy into whatever adventures come your way. 

In My Own Little Corner (Feb 22 – March 1)

This production runs February 22 to March 1, 2023 in the Backstage Theatre.

The team behind In My Own Little Corner prioritizes access for audiences and artists alike. 

During all performances, you’re welcome to come and go, and move around as needed. There is a cooldown space in the theatre with fidget toys and other sensory equipment that you’re welcome to visit if you need a break at any time during the performance. 

American Sign Language (ASL) Shows: February 26 and 28, 2023 at 7:30 PM with interpreters Robyn Lavender and Andrea Konowalec. 

Softened Sound and Lighting performances are on February 26 and February 28.

Offer What You Will tickets are available for every performance. Learn more about Offer What You Will by clicking the links below. 

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In My Own Little Corner is produced and written by Carly Neis as part of RISER Edmonton 2023 with Common Ground Arts Society.

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