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The Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival is an annual theatre festival produced by Fringe Theatre. Every August, 1,500+ artists descend upon Edmonton to participate in the oldest and largest Fringe Festival in North America — offering 1,600+ performances across 45+ venues. Our Festival has a deep and rich heritage, operating in the heart of the Old Strathcona neighbourhood.

Fringe Festivals are designed to put artists and audiences in direct contact, fostering experimentation and discovery on both sides. Fringe Theatre is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals. As a member we follow these core principles:

  • Shows are not juried or censored to inspire artistic innovation through audience-driven curation.
  • Artists are selected through a lottery process to ensure a wide range of ability and talent.
  • Artists receive 100% of the ticket price, because no one artist should starve and all artists should reap the benefits of their hard work.
  • The Festival provides opportunities for everyone to participate!

Our Fringe Festival is held annually in August. This year the Festival runs from August 16–26, 2018.

Everyone who attends the Festival is fringing. Fringing is about experiencing something new and exciting. It’s taking a journey that YOU get to shape. It’s exploring the unknown while you also embrace the familiar.

Whether you are seeing indoor theatre shows, watching outdoor performers, eating green onion cakes, sipping a drink in the Big Rock Beer Tent, or connecting with artists, once you step foot on the Festival site, your fringing has begun!

Fringe is for everyone! You, your neighbour, your grandma, your eccentric nephew, your kindergarten teacher, your boss, your mailman, the farmer who grew your veggies…

The Festival has opportunities for Fringe Innies (person who favours seeing indoor theatrical performances) and Fringe Outies (person who favours seeing outdoor performances and buskers). We offer 200+ different shows ranging from Theatre for Young Audiences and family friendly to adult only cabarets.

In between shows you can enjoy family friendly street performances, beer and wine patios, KidsFringe activity centre, and delicious food and products from local artisans.

Artists set the ticket price, ranging from $10 – $13 (plus GST/$3 service fee). Please visit the Box Office Information page to find out how you can purchase tickets to shows.

Tickets go on sale at 12noon on August 8, 2018.

Fringer Passes: 10 tickets $115.00 or 20 tickets $230.00

1 pass per patron profile, 1 pass per transaction.

Frequent Fringer passes can be redeemed for 2 tickets to any performance to a maximum of 10 total tickets.

Double Fringer passes can redeem 2 tickets for any performance to a maximum of 20 tickets.

All festival tickets will go on sale on noon Wednesday, August 8th, 2018. This includes Frequent Fringer passes and all regular tickets.  Pass availability is limited.

Please contact the Box Office for further information: 780-409-1910

During the Festival, Box Offices can be found:

  • Main lobby of the ATB Financial Arts Barns (10330 84 Ave)
  • 83 Ave in front of Venue #3 Walterdale Theatre Sponsored by Global Edmonton
  • 83 Ave in front of Venue #10 Acacia Hall sponsored by Have Mercy
  • 85 Ave between Calgary Trail & Gateway Blvd
  • In front of Venue #5 King Edward Elementary School (8530 101 St)
  • In front of La Cite Francophone (8627 91 St [Rue Marie Anne Gaboury])

Donate! Volunteer! Sponsor! Join the Fringe Fan Club! Check out the Get Involved page to find out how you can be a part of the magic that is Fringe.

To stay in the loop on everything Fringe, become part of our Fringe Fan Club. You’ll receive deals, discounts and updates throughout the year.

Please visit the Accessibility page for more information regarding accessibility at the festival. If you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you –

Our Festival site is family friendly. All street performers and outdoor stage events are kid friendly.  We also have KidsFringe, a designated area where families can enjoy a variety of activities, games, and performances. Activities are geared at children ages 12 and under. KidsFringe is located on the north end of our site, off Calgary Trail and 85th Avenue.

There is no limit to the variety of shows available! We provide categories and show ratings so you know for instance, whether a show is a family friendly comedy or an adult geared drama.

You can learn more about shows here. Or, purchase a program guide beginning in August, which provides descriptions and details for every show.

Since everyone’s tastes are different we couldn’t possibly guess what you would like. But, we have a lot of tools to help you decide. You can learn more about the shows online here or purchase a program guide beginning in August, which lists the details of every show, in addition to behind the scene interviews and tips on navigating the Festival.

We also encourage you to take a chance on shows. Part of the Fringe experience is discovering something new. If you really can’t decide, then pop by the Daily Discount Booth, located near 84 Avenue, just north of the ATB Financial Arts Barns. Every day a handful of artists offer tickets for up to half off which might make your choice a little easier!

Entrance to the Festival is located at the following corners in Old Strathcona:

  • 83 Ave & Calgary Trail
  • 83 Ave & Gateway Blvd
  • 85 Ave between Calgary Trail and Gateway Blvd

Volunteers and staff will be available at the Festival entrances to assist you with any additional directions you may need.

Find out more about Venue locations.

Festival Program Guides go on sale August 1, 2018. Purchase your Festival Program Guide online and we’ll mail it directly to you! You can also buy in person at the ATB Financial Arts Barns, at Safeway, Sobeys, Chapters, Indigo, and Coles greater Edmonton locations as well as Tix on the Square, and Audreys Books.

During the Festival, you can purchase Fringe merchandise at the Fringe Souvenir Shop by Echo Promotions, located just north of 84 Avenue between the ATB Financial Arts Barns and Knox Evangelical Free Church.

There are a few important things to remember when seeing a show:

  1. Be on time, there is no late entry. Many venues have performances back to back, and thus, must start on time. Since you never know what fire-breathing, knife juggling street performer you’ll run into on your way, give yourself plenty of time to get to your venue as we aren’t able to admit latecomers.
  2. Everyone needs a ticket to enter a show. Due to building safety codes, everyone (no matter their age) must have a ticket to enter a show. All tickets (including those purchased online) may be picked up from any Festival box office.
  3. Meet the artists. Fringing is a shared experience. If you loved a show, don’t be shy, let the artist know. They might even be up for a friendly chat over beer, especially if you’re paying!

Festival street performers work hard perfecting their act so they can make your jaw drop. They make their living on your generosity and appreciation for their skills and entertainment. General etiquette is that if you watch a performance you should toss in a few toonies when they pass the hat. Or if you were really impressed, maybe even a twenty!

Unless your pet is a service animal, we ask that you refrain from bringing pets onsite. We host 850,000 visits to the Festival, in addition to street performers and food vendors, and find that the atmosphere is often too chaotic for animals. If you bring non-service animals on site you may be asked to leave the grounds.

We have an extraordinary mix of artists comprised of emerging and professional performers.  Since our Festival is non-juried, uncensored, and subsidizes many production costs, many different artists are able to participate.  A Fringe show could feature a seasoned, world-famous artist who is trying out a new work, or your mailman who you never knew had a flare for community theatre.

Every Fringer is unique and have their own preferences when fringing. You may hear people refer to themselves as an Innie or an Outie… and they aren’t talking belly buttons!

A Fringe Innie is a person who favours seeing indoor theatre performances when fringing. A Fringe Outie is a person who favours taking in the outdoor street performers and special events when fringing.

Many Fringers like to do a little of both. In the end it doesn’t matter how you fringe, it only matters that you did.

In partnership with our Lead Sponsor ATB Financial, each year we give away one Golden Ticket to the following year’s Fringe Festival. It provides the winner 100 tickets to shows, VIP parking, and a whole lot more.

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No, our site is tobacco free.

In case you missed them, our team selects a few of the best shows from the Fringe Festival and holds them for an extended run. The Holdover Series shows are announced and tickets go on sale Friday, August 24, 2018.

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