Happy National Volunteer Week!


Happy National Volunteer Week! We are so grateful for our team of nearly 1,000 Volunteers who make our Festival happen every summer.

Left – Olivia Boogard, Right – Molly Wreakes.


This year’s National Volunteer Week theme, “Every Moment Matters,” resonates deeply with the spirit of volunteerism that fuels Fringe. It is a reminder that even the smallest actions and briefest encounters have a monumental impact on our community. So we sat down with Fringe’s Manager of Volunteer Engagement, Molly Wreakes, and Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement, Olivia Bogaard. We chatted about their Fringey memories and highlights working alongside Fringe Volunteers.

What’s your favourite memory of your time in the Volunteer Department last year?

MOLLY: It’s hard to choose! I remember setting up the Volunteer Headquarters (VHQ), seeing the space transform from an open, empty space into a home away from home for our Volunteers, with spaces for all our different teams, felt like the night before Christmas as a kid. During the Festival, I loved the hustle and bustle, walking through the grounds and seeing all of our wonderful Volunteers thriving in their roles.

OLIVIA: My favourite memory in the Volunteer Department was when I was helping out with Team Specific Training. It was so fun getting to meet so many amazing Volunteers and getting to know the Team Leaders. It was also a delight to get to hand out all the Volunteer perks (t-shirts, guides, badges).

Photo by Volunteer Multimedia Team Leader, Kam Kayhan.
What’s your favourite Fringey memory?

MOLLY: I have Fringe memories starting from when I was six years old. I got my very first hair wrap at the Fringe! It’s a joy to be part of this wonderful, wacky, and weird Festival every day. My parents volunteered last year at Fringe, and I remember running into them all the time on-site on their way to see yet another show. It was such a joy to rekindle their love of Fringe through volunteering with Festival.

OLIVIA: There were so many amazing memories from last year, as it was my first year working at the Fringe, but my favourite would have to be sitting on the buddy bench on a break and having a revolving door of new friends and Volunteers come to sit with me and have lovely chats. Hearing about people’s favourite Fringe shows and experiences was so lovely. I remember thinking about how beautiful the Fringe community is.

Photo by Volunteer Multimedia Team Member, Stephanie Cragg.
What would you say to those thinking about volunteering?

MOLLY: We would be thrilled to have you join our Volunteer Team! There is a space for everyone at Fringe. Volunteering is a wonderful way to be a part of a community, experience new things, and support the arts.

OLIVIA: I would say: DO IT! It is so rewarding and there is nothing like being a part of the Fringe community.

Photo by Volunteer Multimedia Team Leader, Kam Kayhan.


It is with immense gratitude and admiration that we thank all our Fringe Volunteers for their dedication, time, skills and passion. We mean it when we say: you are the beating heart of our Festival.



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