Festival 2018 Artist Dates and Deadlines

  • March 2018: Lottery Artist Eventotron Profiles Open
  • March 2018:
    • Lottery Artist Technical and Program Forms Open
    • BYOV Artist Eventotron Profiles Open
  • April 2018: BYOV Artist Program Form Open
  • Monday, May 7th 5 PM (MST): Lottery Artist Technical Form Due
  • Monday, May 28th 5 PM (MST):
    • Lottery Artist Program Form Due
    • Deadline to withdraw without penalty (see details below)
    • Billet Request Forms Due
  • May 2018: BYOV Producer Meeting
  • Monday, May 28th 5 PM (MST): BYOV Artist Program Form Due
  • Monday, June 19th 5 PM (MST): Artist Ads in Program Guide Payment and Artwork Due
  • June 2018: How to Fringe Workshop
  • Monday, July 30th 5 PM (MST): Artist Payout Information Due
  • Thursday, August 9th: Artist Welcome Packages Available for Pickup
  • Monday, August 27th 2 – 5 PM (MST): Artist Payout Cheques Available for Pickup

Withdrawal Deadlines

If an artist is accepted into the Festival and subsequently withdraws the application, refunds will be issued within the following parameters;

  1. Up to and including Monday, May 28, 2018the artist will receive a full refund minus an Application fee of $35 plus 5% GST.
  2. From Tuesday, May 29, 2018 up to and including Monday, June 25, 2018the artist will receive a refund of 50% of the Entrance fee they paid minus an application fee of $35 plus 5% GST.
  3. Starting Tuesday, June 26, 2018– the artist will receive no refund.

Waitlist artists can withdraw at any time with no penalty. Their refund will be the Entrance fee, less the Application fee of $35 plus GST.

Festival 2018 Artist Contact Info

You have several points of contact for any artist-related enquiry:

Murray Utas, Artistic Director, acts as your Festival leader and is in charge of the decision making that affects your Artist experience. You can contact him at any time with questions about policies, procedures, feedback, or any problems you may be experiencing at murray.utas@fringetheatre.ca

Celia McGhan, Program Administration Coordinator, acts as your Artist liaison, and is your day to day contact responsible for the administration of your show. You can contact her at any time with questions or comments specific to your show at celia.mcghan@fringetheatre.ca

Liz Hobbs, Outdoor Festival Coordinator, is your contact for all Festival Events involving artists. She is also the coordinator for all the Outdoor artists and KidsFringe. You can reach her at elizabeth.hobbs@fringetheatre.ca

The Fringe Theatre administration office is located in the ATB Financial Arts Barns (10330-84 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 2G9) on the southwest corner of the building just off of 83rd Avenue.

Fringe Theatre Office hours:

  • Before the Festival: 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.
  • During the Festival: 9 AM to 9 PM daily.

The main Festival site runs from 83rd to 85th Avenue, between 103rd and 104th Street.