Have You Met… Chelo Azulay?

[November 1, 2023]

Chelo Azulay is the Client Relations Manager at Fringe Theatre. He manages venue rentals and acts as a bridge between Artists, Rental Clients, and Fringe Staff. Read more about what he enjoys in his downtime, some of his interests, and his passion for Vlogging!

Photo of Chelo Azulay with his hands on his hips.
When did you start Fringing?   

July, 2022.

What are you most excited about in your role with Fringe?   

I get to meet so many cool and nice people.

What is something you’re learning about right now?   

How big and unique the Edmonton Theatre Community is. There are so many Artists out there, and access to work-space is always on their minds. Affordable rentals for rehearsals or performances are always in demand. I feel fortunate that Fringe has so many beautiful venues that can be used in so many ways. We can help Artists out!

Who or what inspires you?   

My mom! Growing up, my mom was a theatre person. A lot of my childhood involved being backstage, being part of all that magic that happens behind the curtain. Artists and Clowns everywhere – you get the idea.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?   

Someone once told me that I helped make someone’s dream come true. Honestly, this is what we do here at Fringe. We help Artists turn their dreams into reality, we help their projects come to fruition.

What is an achievement or contribution that you’re the proudest of?   

My charisma & my smile – I love making other people smile and have a good time.

Professionally, I have a lot of experience as a performer on cruise ships and resorts! And I love sharing that knowledge to help problem-solve and understand what our Clients need when they spend their time at the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns and Fringe Grounds Cafe.

PS: Please get in touch with me if you want to rent space: chelo.azulay@fringetheatre.ca

What are you passionate about outside of work?   

My Familia: wife, son and dog. I also love watching and playing Football (Soccer), Vlogging (Video Blogging), and editing videos.

Check out Chelo’s Vlogs on TikTok @CheloAzulay. 

On Youtube @CheloAzulay. 

And Instagram @CheloAzulay 

Chelo's Instagram Feed
Chelo’s Instagram Feed.


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