Have You Met... Bradley King?

[February 08, 2024]

Karaoke fiend and sometimes Fringe model, Bradley King is Fringe Theatre’s System Analyst! We chatted with Bradley about what it takes to manage systems for Fringe Theatre. A headshot of Bradley King in front of a micrpphone.

When did you start fringing?  

My first Fringe Festival was back in 2016 when I attended an improv show on a date. And let’s just say, the improv show and the date, I’d rated 2 stars. But I tried again, and in 2017 I watched SCUM: A Manifesto at the Sugar Swing Ballroom. That got me hooked!

Bradley, you’re our systems analyst. What does that involve?  

So many things! I take care of all our systems, like our ticketing software, point-of-sale tools, learning platform, websites, and so much more. I also get to perform plenty of data analysis on all-things Fringe.

That sounds very impressive, but what does it actually mean? 

Even more things! All year round I support the Fringe Festival and activities at the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns. Some days you can find me plugging away at different reports to learn how Fringers do what they do best. On other days I’m planning the Fringe Festival to see how to make the experience better for everyone. Lately I’ve been focusing on our Season shows, The Spinsters and Basic Training, and helping the team find ways to reach out to our community to come and enjoy these pieces.

Who or what inspires you?  

The people around me. Not just one, but so many. Artists, my colleagues at Fringe, our Patrons and Volunteers. I find so many bite-sized pieces of inspiration from across the community.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? 

“You are someone who really cares.”

What is an achievement that you’re the most proud of? 

I know this is supposed to be one but I wanted to talk about two. The first was e-ticketing. Since the 2021 Festival, Patrons have been scanned into every venue at the Fringe, so we waste less paper, less time, and Patrons can buy a ticket on their phone right outside the door.

In 2022, I built, with the support of many others, the Volunteer TimeClock, an open-source shift management system we use to track all our Volunteers during the Festival.

What are you passionate about outside of work?  

I love building things! You can find me working on websites, creating apps, and other technological doodads. Occasionally you can catch me collaborating with others in Edmonton and beyond to see how we can integrate new technology into their work.

Also, karaoke.

Up Next in the 2023/2024 Fringe Season… 

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