Have You Met...Bradley King?

[February 08, 2024] Karaoke fiend and sometimes Fringe model, Bradley King is Fringe Theatre's System Analyst! We chatted with Bradley about what it takes to manage systems for Fringe Theatre. When did you start fringing?   My first Fringe Festival was back in 2016 when I attended an improv show on a date. And let's…

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Amica & Dave: Surprising Fringe Adventures

We catch up with touring superstars Amica and Dave about catching the Fringe bug, surprising adventures and a van named Vanna White.

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We chat with super Youth Trouper Eva Foote about how the Fringe is a combustive party kicked into overdrive.

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We chat with long time Fringe Innie and local artist Jeff Page about finding your Fringe.

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