pêhonân: Fringe's Indigenous-Led & Indigenous-Centred Venue

Pêhonân is Fringe’s Indigenous-run, centred, and produced venue during the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

Pêhonân is a Nêhiyawêwin word for “meeting place” or “a waiting place,” pêhonân has become waiting place for change and a meeting place for community members; pledging to be a safe space that welcomes all community with open arms. pêhonân is an incubator, encouraging bravery and artistic risk-taking by giving Indigenous artists, of a variety of disciplines, one performance slot to try something new.  

To make these projects more widely accessible, each performance is “Offer What You Will”, allowing spectators to pay any dollar amount they are able to contribute while allowing non-monetary ways of showing respect and mutual investment (such as tobacco, your own art, or a gift you feel the Artist(s) will benefit from). pêhonân accepts all, no one will be turned away.   

“As the largest, longest-running Fringe theatre festival in North America, the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival has been inspiring and uplifting our city with stories and performances for four decades. Through pêhonân, the Fringe is putting Indigenous artists, stories and knowledge at the heart of the festival grounds. At EPCOR, we’re inspired by initiatives like this that keep our city strong, vibrant and inclusive.”


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