Spreading The Wealth: Meet the 2019 ATB Golden Ticket Winner, Laura Kim

“The most recent Fringe Festival, last year’s Festival, was the best experience I have ever had,” laughs Laura Kim. “And not just because I won the Golden Ticket!”

As Fringe Theatre’s 2019 ATB Golden Ticket Winner, Laura hit the Festival jackpot: 100 tickets to any Fringe Festival indoor performance, VIP onsite parking, a $250 MasterCard gift card, three-nights stay at the Varscona Hotel on Whyte, and more.

“Sure, I won the Golden Ticket, but all the shows I saw last year were just so phenomenal. I got to see so many genres!”

As Fringe’s incoming Golden Ticket holder, Laura plans to see even more shows this Festival. “I have such a huge opportunity to see so many shows! I want to see a show from every genre,” she says. “I’m taking the week off work. I’m going to spend my days on the grounds. It’s my plan to spend the afternoons at KidsFringe with my niece and nephew, and the evenings meeting up with friends and seeing as many shows as possible. I’m going to try and see six shows a day.”

While Laura’s planning an epic Fringe-binge, she’s also going to spread the wealth.

“When I first won the Golden Ticket, I reached out to every person I knew and I was like: ‘Hey, you don’t fringe, you’re going to start next year. I’m going to get you into it! If you’ve never experienced it, you need to!’”

A fringer for the past three years, Laura’s advice to first-time fringers is to take a chance and
fringe to your fullest.

“Go with your gut. Take a risk. If you get approached by someone promoting their show, go with it – it could be a huge hit!” she says. “If there’s a genre you’ve never heard of, give it a try. And don’t be afraid to go by yourself! When you start trying to coordinate your schedule with too many other people, you might miss out on good shows.”

How does Laura hope to go wild at this year’s Fringe?

“Probably just live here!” she laughs. “We’re going to spend a couple of nights at the Varscona Hotel on Whyte, wake up, go do KidsFringe with my niece and nephew, and then just live our best life on the grounds and see so many shows. Of course eat some mini donuts. We have to get some mini donuts.”


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