Have You Met… Our Summer Staff?

Things are starting to really buzz in the Fringe offices. People running to and fro, people typing on their computers, phones ringing – we’ve got it all. We’re also THRILLED to showcase some amazing folks joining us this summer in our seasonal positions. These folks are playing a vital part in helping us manage the beast that is Fringe.

So today we want to know – have you met our summer staff?

Please note this is an evolving blog – we’ll be adding more folks in the days ahead.

We asked them each the same question:

What are you most excited about in your role with Fringe? 

Jem Golveo Toribio – KidsFringe Assistant (she/her)
I’m very excited to see all the kids at KidsFringe smiling and having fun at the Festival. I hope what they experience at KidsFringe opens their eyes and hearts to the theatre community and shows they can have a future in the arts! I’m also excited to meet the Artists at the festival, and watch shows when I can!”

Lily Davies – Development Assistant (she/her)
“I am so excited to be a part of Donor events this summer, especially Fringe After Dark, a brand new fundraising event coming to this year’s Festival! And meeting Carl (an alien) of course :)”

Mark Guerrero – Box Office Assistant (he/him)
“I’m very excited to be back at the Fringe Box Office this summer! Last year was my first time as a Patron, Staff, and Artist with the Fringe. I experienced so many fun moments and met so many amazing people within those 11 magical days, and I’m just excited to be in the thick of it all again this year!”

Maysa Miller-Saohin – Marketing & Communications Assistant (she/her)
“As a student in the Arts and Cultural Management degree program, I have developed a great interest in marketing and have learned so much about the arts and culture from an administrative perspective. Because of my studies, I am excited to work among the Fringe team to help this year’s Festival come to life! I have always attended Fringe as a patron, so to see all the aspects of the Festival that I have enjoyed as a customer from an insider’s point of view is so exciting and special to me.”

Ryan MacAuley – Finance Assistant (he/him)
“I am most excited about getting to work with such an amazing team of individuals! I am eager to learn more about the world of arts administration, and I am excited to see everything that goes into running one of the world’s biggest Fringe Theatre Festivals!”

Whittyn Jason – Outdoor Music Coordinator (they/them)
“I love live music, so I’m excited to meet and connect with local musicians this year! Usually, I work in theatre, but I’m really stoked to get to work with cool local acts (plus the dream team that is Murray and Lindsey) and flex a different part of my brain. Plus, as always, I look forward to eating something fried and delicious on the grounds.”

Learn more about our whole Staff Team here.

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