Daily Discount

Looking for the daily discount booth? You won’t have to look too hard: daily discount tickets are available at any Festival box office!

Each day, tickets to select performances for that day will be deeply discounted and available for purchase at the open of box office. Discounted performances will be posted here daily, so check back often! Daily discount tickets must be purchased in person.

Stay tuned – 2019 Festival Daily Discounts will be posted daily throughout the Festival, starting August 15.

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Daily Discounts for August 25

BABEL ON13: Old Strathcona Public Library2019-08-25 12:00
Gossamer Feast15: Cool Air Rentals Stage at Holy Trinity Anglican Church2019-08-25 16:15
Crazy For Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation18: Sugar Swing Ballroom: Main Floor2019-08-25 14:30
Scratch20: Garneau Theatre2019-08-25 13:30
Big Ol Show21: The Grindstone - Comedy Theatre2019-08-25 18:15
LUB DUB23: The Grindstone - Luther Room2019-08-25 14:00
Whose Rhyme is it Anyway23: The Grindstone - Luther Room2019-08-25 18:00
Field Zoology 10137: Auditorium at Campus Saint-Jean2019-08-25 17:15
The Lightweight38: Sue Paterson Memorial Theatre2019-08-25 14:15
The Drowning Girls48: The Dai Scott Stage at Hazeldean Hall2019-08-25 19:00
Destiny, USA10: Acacia Hall2019-08-25 18:00
Maestro1: ATB Westbury Theatre2019-08-25 16:00
Tommy's Amazing Journey2: Big Rock Backstage Theatre2019-08-25 14:00
Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother4: Academy at King Edward2019-08-25 20:00
Princess Bear4: Academy at King Edward2019-08-25 12:00
Things We (never) Learned in Sex Ed4: Academy at King Edward2019-08-25 14:15
Mime-Life Crisis9: TELUS Phone Museum2019-08-25 13:45

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