Relaxed performances are specifically altered to be sensitive to patrons who might benefit from a more relaxed environment, including those with a wide range of social, sensory, or educational needs.

A minimum of two performances for every show in the Fringe Theatre Season are designated as relaxed performances. All relaxed performance tickets are 100% Offer What You Will.

Specifically, relaxed performances:

  • welcome children of all ages;
  • are understanding of patrons who make noise;
  • are understanding of patrons who may need to stand, walk, or leave and re-enter the performance;
  • provide pre-show information such as plot summary and when to expect loud noises;
  • reduce or soften extreme special effects, such as strobe lights;
  • slightly dim auditorium lights rather than turning them off entirely; and
  • often accommodate an earlier start time.

Patrons considering attending a relaxed performance are encouraged to please still consider show descriptions, as the subject matter of some shows may not be suitable for all audiences.

Questions? Please contact us.