Have You Met... Olivia Bogaard?

[March 14, 2024]

Born and raised in Nelson, BC’s vibrant arts community, the theatre has always been a significant part of Olivia’s life. 

A Stage Manager prepares at a desk.
Olivia started out acting in the Capitol Theatre’s summer youth program and quickly discovered that she much preferred being behind the scenes. Since she developed backstage interests, she has stage-managed many local productions. She became the Assistant Technical Director of the Capitol Theatre in 2018 and left the Capitol in 2023 to move to Edmonton where she landed a job with Fringe Theatre as Festival Volunteer Assistant.She has happily been working at Fringe since then in a variety of roles.

When did you start fringing?  

I started fringing in 2022, when I came to Edmonton for a visit with my partner. Although my first Fringe is really recent, I am no stranger to Fringe shows as they frequently toured to the theatre that I used to work at.

How would you describe your job at Fringe?

My role as Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement is to help grow and strengthen relationships with our wonderful Volunteers and act as a liaison between our Volunteers and the Fringe team. I am super excited to get to know and work with all the Volunteers this year and start building new relationships!

If you could invite anyone, living or dead, to Fringe with you, who would that be and why?

It has been a goal of mine to go Fringing with what my best friend has affectionally called the “momma’s” which is her mom and her mom’s good friend, who have been coming to Fringe since my bestie moved to Edmonton more than 7 years ago. They always have a hoot, bring seat cushions, have the best hand fans, and bring lots of water! I am hoping they come this year so I can join them in some of their shenanigan’s and share my newfound Fringe wisdom!

What is something you are learning right now?

I am always working on new skills in the kitchen! I love picking new difficult recipes and taking a crack at it even though it can be intimidating, it’s worth it to try and I get the satisfaction of learning something new and making something delicious at the same time.

Who or what inspires you?

I am constantly inspired by my friends and my partner! They are the most wonderful talented group of people, and I am grateful for all their wisdom, silliness, and care. Truly they inspire me every day.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

I once slow-cooked pork shoulder for a group of friends, and one of them cried tears of joy because they thought it was the most delicious thing they had eaten, and that has stayed with me as my biggest compliment.

What is an achievement you’re most proud of?

I am really proud of the work I did at my previous theatre, particularly stage managing the Summer Youth Program for 5 years! I was able to create a positive, inclusive space for these youth, and it was amazing to watch as some of them went from shy kids to confident performers. This was a program I did when I was a kid, and I will always be so proud that I got to return to it as an adult and contribute to its success.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Apart from cooking, I am also passionate about escape rooms! It is such a fun group activity, and it has awakened a newfound love of puzzles and secret doors.

If joy became a national currency, what kind of work would make you wealthy?

It’s probably too cheesy to say it but the joy of cooking! I have never felt richer than eating good food with good people.

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