Thank you for helping us maintain safer spaces by submitting a report. We are grateful for your willingness to come forward. The following form is to report an incident that violates our Anti Harassment, Violence, & Discrimination Policy and Code of Conduct.

All reports are received and read by Artistic Director, Murray Utas (, Interim Executive Director, Megan Dart (, Director, Indigenous Strategic Planning, Josh Languedoc (, Development Specialist, Erin Voaklander (, and Administrative Executive, Dana Buschmann ( You may also submit a report by contacting any one of these individuals directly.   

You may report an incident by completing and submitting the form below, or in person by contacting any Fringe Theatre Staff or Security member. For more information regarding our policy and procedure for processing reports please read the Safer Spaces Program booklet.

Incident Report

  • Incident Details

    Below, please provide a detailed description of the incident.