[Last Updated April 17, 2024]

Artist Frequently Asked Questions

Edmonton is home to the oldest and largest Fringe Festival in North America because of its vibrant, year-round investment in the theatre arts, complete with engaged and discerning Audiences. Your show will be among 200+ available to Patrons, so we encourage you to network, speak to Patrons on the Festival Grounds, appear at Fringe promotional events, and strategically use Artist comp and Pump Up the Volume tickets. 

Here, you will find seasoned Fringers who choose shows strategically based not only on reputation and reviews, but edge, creativity, and uniqueness. You will also find new theatregoers who appreciate well-crafted, accessible shows. 

Perhaps most notable however, is the loyalty you’ll receive from Edmonton Patrons. Once you’ve recruited an Audience, you’ll find they are not only eager to follow you on your artistic journey for years to come – but they’ll also persuade their friends too as well. With that in mind, make sure to include your social media handles on your promotional materials, and be sure to engage with followers online! 

Indoor Lottery Program: 

Fringe Theatre operates venues that support an average of 70 indoor shows during Festival. These shows are selected by a lottery and scheduled by Festival Staff. We select Artists by lottery draw because there are always more Artists who apply to the Festival than we have the space to accommodate. Each Indoor Lottery show receives approximately $10,000 of in-kind support – including the cost of the venue rental, staging, lighting and sound equipment, ticketing operations, and two venue Technicians. 

Artists may apply to the indoor lottery through the following streams: Local, National, International, and Theatre for Young Audiences. Every year, applications open in Octoberand lottery draws take place in November.  

Outdoor Performances are also selected by lottery; please see “What is the difference between the Outdoor Lottery and Busker Program” to learn more.  

Bring Your Own Venue Program (BYoV) 

The BYoV Program is an Artist-driven initiative that allows Artists to bring a show to the Festival through a venue that isn’t managed by Fringe Theatre. BYoV Artists retain sole responsibility for all costs related to the production and promotion of their venue and related performances. BYoV is a great alternative for Artists whose show is better suited in an alternative space, or for those who did not receive an Indoor Lottery spot. 

Prospective venues must be approved by Fringe Theatre before its shows can join the Festival. Venues that are interested in becoming a BYoV should contact victoria.dejong@fringetheatre.ca and murray.utas@fringetheatre.ca to set up an initial meeting. 

With more than 500,000 site visits over 11 days, Outdoor Artists play a big role in animating Festival Grounds.

Outdoor Lottery Program

Like the Indoor Lottery, Artists can apply to the Outdoor Lottery Program to present a show on the Festival’s outdoor pitches. Outdoor Stage performance slots are scheduled in advance of Festival by Staff.

In previous years, Outdoor Artists were able to apply as a Circle Show, which are scheduled daily through a lottery draw. The Circle Show program will not be active for the 2024 Festival.

Walk-By Busker Program

Walk-By Buskers apply for smaller, 2-meter pitches placed throughout the Festival Grounds. These spaces are distributed using a lottery draw that takes place every spring. Outdoor Artists presenting an activity suited for this type of pitch (such as musicians, living statues, magicians, etc.) are encouraged to apply to the Walk-By Busker Program. More information can be found here.

An Artist can only be the Primary Contact for one Indoor Lottery show. Aside from this rule, Artists may to be involved in multiple shows in other capacities. Additionally, Artists involved in an Indoor Lottery show can also produce/participate in BYoV, Theatre For Young Audiences (TYA) and/or Outdoor show(s).

Please note that Fringe will not schedule Lottery shows around BYoV schedules – BYoVs will be given the Lottery schedule to work around if they have any shows sharing cast or crew with a Lottery show.

Primary contacts are the main contact for the group presenting a Fringe show. They are the first point of contact for Fringe Staff if we have questions about your show or if we’re missing any information. Both the primary and secondary contacts will receive emailed Artist Updates and will be able to add show information to Eventotron. If there are discrepancies or conflicting information provided, Fringe Theatre defers to the primary contact.

As a lottery Festival, we value transparency to guarantee an equal opportunity to all Artists. We want to ensure Artists are applying with a specific project in mind. Changes to critical information can appear as though a company has sold or transferred their performance to another company, bypassing our lottery wait list.

If a change has occurred, please contact Murray Utas, Artistic Director (murray.utas@fringetheatre.ca), who will determine if changes to your show information can be made.

Fringe’s Volunteer-led Billet Program matches out-of-town Artists with host homes to give them a place to stay for their time in Edmonton. We cannot guarantee billet placement, and homes are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Applications will open on April 19, 2024 in Eventotron.

If you need support during the Festival, Artist Services is the place to go. They are here to support Festival Artists, including printing Pump-Up-The-Volume tickets, set up Daily Discount requests, help you navigate your sales report tools, and answer any questions or concerns you (or any other Festival Artists) may have. Visit Artist Services inside the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns.

Important Festival information and Artist forms to complete can be found in Eventotron, our Festival management system. Artist Updates are sent via email and are directed through the primary and secondary contacts listed in shows’ Festival applications.

Trouble accessing these emails? You may have unsubscribed by accident! Please e-mail: victoria.dejong@fringetheatre.ca

Lottery Show FAQ

Application fees for Local, National, International and Theatre For Young Audiences shows are $35 + GST. Application fees are non-refundable.

  • Local, National, International Theatre Artists
  • Lottery Fee: $800 +GST ($840)

Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA): $675.00 +GST ($708.75)

Outdoor Artists pay their full Lottery Fee at the time of their application. Outdoor Artists who are unsuccessful in securing a Lottery or Waitlist spot will be refunded the Lottery Fee, minus a $35 + GST Application Fee.

  • Outdoor Lottery Fee (including a non-refundable $35 application fee): $650.00 +GST ($682.50)

If an application entrance fee payment is accidentally made twice, additional fees may apply to refund the second payment.

Learn more information about dates, deadlines, and withdrawing application guidelines here.

Venues are allocated in mid-May, and Lottery schedules are finalized in early June. The full Festival schedule, including BYoV performances, is finalized in mid-June.

Yes! Indoor Lottery shows will have two technicians to support their performances.

Please note, we highly recommend you have a Stage Manager to call cues during your performance. This ensures your technicians can focus on your show’s tech.

Each Indoor Lottery show will have a limited amount of storage space at their venue. On average, shows will have approximately 2.5 feet by 4 feet of floor space. We recommend designing your set pieces so that they can be safely stacked to take advantage of vertical space.

If a show is unsuccessful in the lottery draw, they may receive a spot on the lottery waitlist. If a spot opens in the Festival due to another show withdrawing, we’ll contact the next show on the waitlist to fill the spot.

If a waitlisted show is offered a Festival spot, they will have 5 business days to accept the spot by paying their Festival fees. If they decline the spot or do not pay the fee within that timeframe, we will reach out to the next show on the waitlist. We will continue to fill any Lottery spots that open until the week prior to the Festival.

We wish we knew! It’s impossible to predict whether a spot will open as they are dependent on other shows choosing to withdraw from the Festival. Most withdrawals take place in the weeks leading up to the deadline to withdraw from the Festival without penalty (May 31, 2024). However, if a show remains on the waitlist they may be invited to fill a spot as late as the week before the Festival. 

Bring Your Own Venue (BYoV) FAQ

A BYoV Show Producer is responsible for ensuring Artists, shows, and companies adhere to all policies, terms and conditions related to the production of their Festival show, such as the Box Office and ticketing guidelines. This should the the show’s Primary Contact in their BYoV application.

A Venue Producer is responsible for ensuring the companies in their venues adhere to Festival emergency, building, and venue policies and terms and conditions. Please see the BYoV Producer Guide linked here.

Artist Payouts & Ticketing FAQ

Yes! Tickets can range from $7 to $15 each. Artists will receive 100% of their ticket price, less GST and any applicable international withholding taxes. Fringe Theatre will add a service fee on top of your selected ticket price (see below).

As a charitable organization, Fringe Theatre charges a service fee per ticket to support basic Festival operations. Our service fee helps us continue to amplify Artists’ stories by providing the platform and infrastructure you need to share your story.

2024 Festival Artists will be paid by direct deposit/electronic funds transfer (EFT). Fringe Theatre pays each Artist 100% of their gross Box Office revenue, less any applicable taxes. Fringe Theatre withholds shows’ GST unless provided with the theatre company’s GST number in their payout form. International Artists may also be subject to additional tax withholdings (see the “International Artist FAQ section, below).

Fringe will collect Artists’ payment information through Eventotron a few months before the Festival. If an Artist cannot accept a direct deposit, they must request a physical cheque or wire transfer when they complete their payout form.

Artists may also issue comp tickets to family, friends, or whoever they’d like to see their show. Artists will be able to send comps directly via email or print tickets in bulk at Artist Services to use as promotional tools when talking to patrons.

As a not-for-profit registered charity producing the largest and longest-running Fringe Festival in North America, we rely heavily on support from government Funders, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Donors. Their investment allows us to:

  • Provide free admission to Festival Grounds, with more than 500,000 visits;
  • Ensure 100% of theatre ticket price go to Artists; and
  • Provide a Lottery Program that subsidizes more than 70 indoor and 40 outdoor shows.

To cultivate, steward, and increase stakeholder engagement we sometimes provide comp tickets and passes. In total, comp tickets represent no more than an average of 10% of the total Festival tickets used/sold. Additionally, we cap each performance so that no more than 15% of the total tickets available can be taken by comp tickets. These are closely monitored and controlled by Fringe Theatre.

Specifically, general comp tickets are utilized towards:

  • Media – to review and publicize your show;
  • Industry – recruiters from regional theatres or other key industry representatives whose presence and access will benefit Artists;
  • Funders – granting bodies who provide funding for the Festival;
  • Sponsors – organizations who provide cash and in-kind support for the Festival;
  • Volunteers – on average, for every 16 hours of services, a Volunteer receives the opportunity to claim one comp ticket.
  • Staff & Board of Directors – provided 24 tickets each
  • Promotions – ex: distributing pairs of tickets to to promote the Festival, such as radio, tv, and social media contesting.


Festival Event FAQs

Historically, Patrons, Artists, Media, Volunteers, and Staff are eligible to vote for their favourite Fringe show. Votes are cast by each stakeholder group using an online form or by visiting the ATB Community Patio.

NOTE: Picks of the Fringe categories and voting period may change in 2024.

The Late Night Cabaret is a nightly variety show produced by Fringe Theatre during the Festival. Artists may to apply to participate in these sold-out hit shows a few weeks prior to the Festival. Auditions may be held at the beginning of the Festival if needed. 

The Holdover Series is the first offering of the Fringe Theatre Season each year. The Series is curated by Fringe Theatre’sArtistic Director using the following criteria:

  • Quality – Is the show well executed in its performance, delivery, and staging with a clear depth of thought and story?
  • Diversity – Does the show offer new paradigms and perspectives, or give voice to the minority, the unheard, or overlooked?
  • Relevance – Does the show reflect issues or concerns in our community, globally or locally?
  • Scale-ability – Does the show have the framework and potential to scale from a Fringe production to a touring show or season production?
  • Capacity – Are there still audiences eager to see your show?
  • Fit – Does the show align within the upcoming Fringe Theatre Season?
  • Variety – We strive to curate a balanced Holdover Series that offers a range of genres, styles and techniques.

We recognize the breadth of talent that appears at Edmonton’s Fringe Festival. Unfortunately, it’s often greater than our holdover capacity. We are grateful for the immense creativity and hard work of all Fringe Artists.

Our neighbouring Old Strathcona businesses are enthusiastic supporters of our Festival and many of them offer special discounts and deals just for Festival Artists. Artists will receive a list of available perks in the lead-up to Festival.

Animating the Festival Grounds develops new Audiences and increases tickets sales, while also engaging Audiences in other forms of art and creating a strong sense of community.

This holistic approach to fringing offers Patrons opportunities to brush up against new forms of art and encourages them to take chances and try something new. This elevates and enriches Patron’s experience, creates larger audiences, and increases the opportunities for you to pitch your show.

For instance, a Patron may come for a concert, but leave with tickets to a theatrical performance! Similarly, someone that was going to purchase one ticket to a show may now purchase three, because they can spend time enjoying Festival Grounds in between show times.

International Artist FAQ

As a visiting International Artist, Fringe Theatre will provide you with a Letter of Invitation that you can present at the border to enter the country. With this letter, you should not require a Canadian Visa. The letter will be issued in the name and address of the Primary contact unless otherwise specified.

International Artists participating in the 2024 Festival can expect their Letters of Invitation in May 2024. Please reach out to victoria.dejong@fringetheatre.ca with any questions.

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Canada by air. An eTA is electronically linked to a traveller’s passport. It is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first. If you get a new passport, you need to get a new eTA.

With a valid eTA, you can travel to Canada as often as you want for short stays (normally for up to six months at a time). You do not need an eTA for travel within Canada.

Please see the Government of Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorization info page for information about eligibility and how to apply.

Please note that Fringe Theatre cannot provide financial advice. It is Artists’ responsibility to ensure that the information they provide to Fringe Theatre and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is complete and accurate.

Every arts organization who makes a payment to a non-resident Artist or company for services rendered in Canada must withhold and remit an amount in accordance with the requirements under the Canadian Income Tax Act. The rate of withholding is generally 15% or 23% of the gross amount paid, depending on your country of residence.


If you expect to make less than CAN$15,000 in the calendar year, you may be eligible to complete a R105s form to reduce the amount of taxes withheld by Fringe Theatre.

The R105 simplified waiver process applies to individual self-employed non-resident Artists or athletes who expect to earn no more than CAN$15,000 in the calendar year. The CAN$15,000 includes not only the amount paid to the Artist or athlete directly for their performance, but also any expenses paid for or on their behalf or that have been reimbursed to them. It also includes any bonus, sponsorship/promotional income, residuals/participations, and amounts based on ticket sales (overages).

  • United States (U.S.) residents: U.S. Artists and athletes expecting to earn no more than CAN$15,000 in the calendar year (including expenses and benefits) may qualify for a Treaty-based waiver which eliminates the regulation 105 withholding of taxes.
  • Other countries: An Artist or athlete from any country other than the U.S. expecting to earn no more than CAN$15,000 in the calendar year (including expenses and benefits) may qualify for an income and expense waiver. If you qualify for an income and expense waiver, the Fringe Theatre will only need to withhold 23% tax on your net income, not your gross income.

You cannot use the simplified process if:

  • you expect that your total earnings will be more than CAN$15,000;
  • you are incorporated (not self-employed);
  • you are personal services or travelling corporation through which your services are provided as an Artist or athlete; or
  • you are considered an employee for the work you will do in Canada.

Simplified R105s forms will be submitted to Fringe Theatre through Eventotron.


For Artists expecting to make CAD $15,000 or more in the calendar year, or for incorporated (not self-employed) Artists, the only alternative to the withholding and remitting requirements is for the non-resident to obtain a waiver, or a reduction, in the withholding tax. Where a non-resident can adequately demonstrate that the withholding tax normally required is in excess of their ultimate Canadian tax liability, the CRA may reduce or waive the withholding tax accordingly.

The onus is on the non-resident to demonstrate to the CRA that a waiver or a reduction of the amount required to be withheld is justified. This may be based on the application of the treaty of their country of residence or through an estimated income and expense statement. A request for a waiver should be filed 30 days before the services are to begin in Canada, or 30 days before the first payment is due for these services.

Even if the payer withholds and remits tax from the non-resident’s income or even if a waiver is granted, the non-resident will likely have to file a Canadian income tax return to get a refund of any excess amounts that were withheld or else to certify that they are exempt from paying tax in Canada.

If you decide to apply using the regular R105 process, you can complete a  R105 Withholding Tax Waiver and submit it to the CRA to see if you are eligible for an exemption. The CRA will determine whether you are eligible for an exemption. If you are eligible, the CRA will notify Fringe Theatre of the decision. If Fringe Theatre receives a notification from the CRA, we will follow the instructions given by the CRA to reduce the amount of tax we withhold. If Fringe Theatre does not receive a notification from the CRA, we will withhold taxes as required.It is entirely up to the Artist to submit a waiver application to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

You can find more information on the CRA website here.

If you are completing the regular R105 form, you must submit the form directly to the CRA, who will contact Fringe Theatre with their decision.

If you have further questions, please contact a member of our team.