Our Vision

Everyone is ‘Fringing’!*

*Fringing: ‘to Fringe’. Fringe (verb)/frinj/

  • Enjoying a unique, evolving Edmonton experience
  • Being swept up in an international artistic force to be reckoned with
  • Taking an essential journey for every theatre lover
  • Participating in a rite of passage for artists from around the world


FTA is dedicated to providing a vibrant year-round home in Edmonton for local, national, and international artists to present theatre arts that challenge audiences, and celebrate the cultural fabric of our communities.

In the last 35 years we have impacted the lives of 24,526 artists through fringing.

We do so by fostering an environment and providing resources that encourage audiences of all ages, and artists – professionals and aspiring alike – to take creative chances.

Our Mandate

To produce the Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival, present a theatre arts season through the Arts at The Barns Presentation Series, and operate and manage the ATB Financial Arts Barns by means of a balanced work environment, strong governance, and sound fiscal management.