Creating a safe space requires the commitment, accountability, and support from each person in our community. Below is our pledge to making this a safer space. We encourage you to join us!

We commit to helping maintain a safe space that is inclusive to all, and will:

  • Be mindful that our community is on Treaty Six land, and as such we are all Treaty persons;
  • Take an active role in maintaining a safe and inclusive space that embraces all forms of diversity;
  • Give individuals and groups who are speaking or performing our attention and respect;
  • Assume a positive intent from others and listen and learn when the impact of our actions may not match our intent;
  • Respect other’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual boundaries;
  • Seek out support when we are in need;
  • Be mindful of routes, facilities, and spaces that are designated for persons needing accessibility accommodations and avoid utilizing or blocking them;
  • Use a person’s pronouns;
  • Use inclusive language and listen and learn when language used may have been exclusive;
  • Use respectful language and a calm tone when communicating with others; and
  • Engage in conversations about making our spaces move inclusive.