The future of theatre in Treaty 6 is equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible. Since its very beginning, Fringe Theatre has been the meeting place where experience, perspective, diversity, and passion are explored, uplifted, and celebrated through story and art. We are listening. We are learning. We are committed to doing the work, and we commit to continuing that work. 

Below is a growing list of our initiatives. 

Tatawaw: welcome, there is room. In mindful consultation with Indigenous leaders and artists, we are building a sustainable Innovation Program that: 

  • Elevates Indigenous voices and stories;  
  • Centers Indigenous practice; and 
  • Develops tools for change to support the decolonization of theatre practice. 

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We are available to provide a safe escort to or from any vehicle, venue, or public transportation location within two blocks of the Festival site or Fringe Theatre Arts Barns any time an event is on. Please ask a staff or volunteer if you would like a Safe Walk escort. 

We make every effort to ensure all fringers have equal access to the building and the events within it. 

Building Accessibility 

  • The main entrance of the ATB Arts Barns has powered door-openers, and all entrances are wheelchair accessible. All venues and washrooms within the building are wheelchair accessible. 

Programming Accessibility 

  • All three theatre venues in the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns are equipped with T-coil hearing loops and are freely available to borrow from the Box Office; 
  • Fringe holds ASL (American Sign Language) interpreted performances for certain events in the Season; 
  • The Season also presents relaxed performances. Production elements such as lights and sounds are dampened to reduce sensory stimulation. Audience is welcome to come and go from the theatre and/or move in their seats to accommodate their own comfort;  
  • Fringe can connect community artists and rental clients with accessibility consultation for their events when requested.  

Ticketing Accessibility 

Theatre is an exchange. A living, breathing story shared among people. At Fringe Theatre, we believe in the power of story. We believe everyone has something to contribute. And we believe in making theatre accessible to everyone. 

  • Offer What you Will tickets are available for EVERY Fringe Theatre Season & Spotlight show. You may offer any dollar amount you’re able to contribute, or you can offer other non-monetary ways of showing respect and mutual investment, such as tobacco, your own art, or a donation you feel the artist(s) will benefit from. No one will be turned away. 
  • When purchasing tickets, you may submit your accessibility needs, so the Fringe team can prepare ahead of time to support you in your experience.  
  • Gender inclusive, stalled washrooms are available in the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns south of the Studio Theatre and in the Backstage Theatre;  
  • Gendered washrooms are available in the Westbury Theatre Lobby; and  
  • During the Festival, all site portable toilets are single stall, all-gender. 

Pronoun pins are available for free at the box office all year round. Every fringer is invited to wear a pin to help other community members call one another by our pronouns. 

We believe representation within our organization will lead to greater equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in our community. We ongoingly engage in the work to make Fringe a safer space for brave conversations and artistic risk, including upholding:  

Fringe Learn is an online learning platform built to prepare, inform, and empower our community. Stories teach. Stories start brave conversations. So our courses are intentionally story-based and artistically driven. This interactive tool supports our year-round training and orientation efforts. Course offerings include courses specific to Fringe Theatre, but also offer training and professional development courses relevant circuit- and industry-wide. Online delivery allows our learners access to training independently, in advance, from any location, with accessibility built in mind from the start. Current courses include Creating a Culture of Consent, Festival Volunteer Training, and Festival staff onboarding. We are in the process of building Anti-Oppression Training and How To Fringe for Artists courses.  

Staff and volunteers are provided opportunity to engage with annual consent, anti-oppression, and bystander awareness training. Additionally, staff receive ongoing training throughout the year. These sessions offer staff and volunteers practical skills to recognize when and how to help when witnessing harassment, as well as how to support people who have experienced sexual violence.