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Once again we are kicking off our Arts at the Barns Season by reserving a few of the top Fringe Festival shows to run an extra week, August 24-27, 2016. We are sure you'll be mesmerized by the four outstanding shows we've lined up.

Bonus! This year we will have a swanky beer patio open during the Holdover Series. Come, fringe, and be merry!

Don't miss out. Tickets are available now*. Check out the line up below.

Special thanks to Dyberg Insurance Group for their sponsorship of the 2016 Holdover Series.

*Tickets are $17.00 (plus service fee). Tickets are available online, through the Central Box Office at the ATB Financial Arts Barns, and At TIX on the Square. 

Box Office Holdover Hours: 
12pm - 9:30pm from Wednesday, August 24 through Saturday, August 27 


Little Orange Man

Wednesday, August 24, 9:30pm
Thursday, August 25, 7:30pm

From Creators of KITT & JANE (★★★★1/2 SOLD-OUT 2014)! Meet Kitt the Kinder-Whisperer: a young Danish girl with ADHD and no fear. Kitt entrusts a group of strangers to help fight her darkest battle. “Haunting and hilarious” *****- Onstage Ottawa. BEST-OF-FRINGE Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Montreal. Shadow puppetry & dark Danish fables.

PLAYWRIGHT Ingrid Hansen & Kathleen Greenfield
DIRECTOR Kathleen Greenfield
CASTIngrid Hansen
ADVISORIES Cartoonish Violence
RATING Family Friendly


Falling Awake
Ragmop Theatre

Wednesday, August 24, 7:30pm
Thursday, August 25, 9:30pm

Death and other common experiences.... 

A comical conundrum between love and parasomnia. Winners of Leipzig's PALAZZO Award and Hollywood Fringe's BLAFF Award. After five months performing in Europe, these exceptional physical performers bring their latest to Canada.

"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant" - Montreal Hour

"GO" - LA Weekly

"Incredible" - NY Times

PLAYWRIGHT Nayana Fielkov & Matthew “Poki” McCorkle
CAST Nayana Fielkov & Matthew “Poki” McCorkle
ADVISORIES Sexual Content
RATING Parental Guidance (14+)


Nashville Hurricane
Chase Padgett

Friday, August 26, 7:30pm
Saturday, August 27, 9:30pm

Chase Padgett, star of the smash hit 6 Guitars brings you another guitar slinging story. A manager, a mother, a mentor, and a musical savant each share what happened to the best damned guitar player you’ve never heard of, the Nashville Hurricane.

★★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press

★★★★★ CBC Manitoba

PLAYWRIGHT Chase Padgett
DIRECTOR Jay Hopkins
CAST Chase Padgett
ADVISORIES Adult Language
RATING Parental Guidance (14+)


Gordon's Big Bald Head
Rapid Fire Theatre

Friday, August 26, 9:30pm
Saturday, August 27, 7:30pm

Notorious comedy criminals Gordon's Big Bald Head steal a Fringe play and make it their own! Bear witness as goodfellas Jacob Banigan, Chris Craddock, and Mark Meer improvise their own unique version of ANY OTHER SHOW AT THE FRINGE!

"★★★★★...the three-headed Wayne Gretzky of the improv world." -Edmonton Journal

DIRECTOR The Hand of Fate
CAST Jacob Banigan, Chris Craddock, Mark Meer
ADVISORIES Cartoonish Violence, Sexual Content, Adult Language, Religious Content
RATING Parental Guidance (14+)

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