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General Volunteer Questions

We have 12 different teams, each requiring different skills that help to ensure the Festival runs smoothly! Think about what area of the Festival you are interested in contributing to and compare with our team descriptions.

At Fringe, everyone is radically welcome. We expect our Volunteers to uphold this value and make the Patron, Volunteers, Staff and Artist experience the best it can be. For more information, you can see our Code of Conduct.

Time Commitment: Over the course of the 11 day Festival, Volunteers are expected to complete 4 shifts. Most shifts are 4 hours long. Prior to the Festival, Volunteers are expected to complete an online Volunteer orientation course and attend an in-person, team specific training at the beginning of August. 

Absolutely! We will require the contact information from a parent or guardian as well as requiring them to sign a waiver. After that, you’re free to select from one of our teams that supports underaged Volunteers. See the chart below for more info in helping you decide which team is the best fit.  

Volunteer Teams for 14+

  • Front of House
  • Information & Engagement
  • KidsFringe
  • Multimedia

Volunteer Teams for 16+

  • Box Office
  • Kitchen
  • Volunteer Headquarters

Still have some questions about volunteering or the application process? Come to one of our online (Zoom) information sessions. You can find the information and links here.

The Volunteer department receives a high volume of applications in the run up to the Festival and it takes us time to process and approve all 1,000+ applications! We aim to approve your application within two weeks from the date of submission – your patience is greatly appreciated!  

When you submit your initial application for the Festival you should receive an automated email message instantly with more information. If you have completed your form and clicked “submit” but have NOT received that initial email, let us know! We can confirm if your application has been received and is in our system for processing. Contact the Volunteer Department by emailing, calling 780-409-1922, or texting 587-409-0052. 

Fringe welcomes Volunteers with disabilities on all teams. To find the team and role that would ensure you have the most fun and satisfying Volunteer experience, get in touch to talk through the possibilities with our Volunteer Department. We will talk through your needs, your skills, any possible modifications, and your favourite activities to find the perfect team for you! 

Online Application Questions (

Following the link on our website, it will take you to This is the website we use for all of our Volunteer applications. If you already have a username go ahead and login and begin your application! If you need to create an account, follow the steps by clicking “create account.”  

If you have volunteered with the Fringe anytime since 2017, you will have an existing account. If you’re unable to remember your login credentials, you are able to reset them. To recover your username or rest your password as a returning Volunteer, click on Forgot your username or password? Within the I already have a username box. This box will appear when you clock on the Fill in an Application button for the team you are applying to. Follow the instructions on the page to recover your username or to reset your password. Having trouble? Contact the Volunteer Department by emailing, calling 780-409-1922, or texting 587-409-0052. 

In order to access the Fringe Volunteer applications you will need to follow the link on our website. After clicking “Choose a Team and Apply Now” you will be directed to a page with all of our different teams to choose from. Select which team you are interested in applying for and click “Learn More and Apply.” This will direct you to a page where in the top right hand corner there is a blue button “Fill in an application”, select this regardless of whether or not you have an existing account (do not select Log in to your account). This will direct you to the correct page where you are able to either log in to your account or create an account and then proceed to our Volunteer application.  

We use to schedule Volunteer shifts. Once your application has been approved by the Volunteer Department it will be passed to one of our Volunteer Team Leaders. They are your main point of contact for scheduling. If you are having any problems with self-scheduling, please call or email them for assistance. If you don’t know your Team Leaders contact information, contact the Volunteer Department by emailing, calling 780-409-1922, or texting 587-409-0052. 


Volunteer Policy and Procedure Manual

This manual covers all Fringe Theatre Volunteer Department policies and procedures.

Volunteer Policy & Procedure Manual

Volunteer Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure

This document outlines Fringe Theatre’s procedures to respond to volunteer disciplinary action and the grievance tools available to volunteers.

Volunteer Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure

Volunteer complaints or grievances can be submitted through our online form.

Make a complaint or raise a grievance here