[Last Updated October 5, 2023]

Check back next year for BYoV applications for our 2024 Festival! 

Howdy, Fringer. We’re happy you’re here. Are you an artist looking for information on our Bring Your Own Venue (BYoV) program? You’ve found the right place. Read on for more information, or email your friendly Programming Administrative Coordinator, Victoria deJong at victoria.dejong@fringetheatre.ca. We’re here to help!

A BYoV is a venue or location not included in the list of Fringe Theatre managed venues. If you were not drawn in the Fringe Lottery, or if your performance is better suited for an unconventional space, a BYoV might be the right fit for you.

2024 BYoV Festival Fees are $625 + GST. Please note: you must have an agreement with your BYoV venue, and all venues must be approved by Fringe before submitting your application. Your venue is considered “approved” if it appears on the drop-down list of venues in Eventotron. If your venue is NOT on the list, please contact Victoria (victoria.dejong@fringetheatre.ca) and Murray (murray.utas@fringetheatre.ca) to discuss the eligibility of your proposed venue.

BYoV Artists source their own performance venue and are solely responsible for all costs related to the production and promotion of their venue and related performances. This includes:

  • Procurement and payment of rental agreements, insurance, and liability coverage for the performance venue. The venue must meet emergency, safety, occupancy and fire-code regulations, as outlined by the City of Edmonton, the Province of Alberta, and the Government of Canada. The City of Edmonton Fire Marshal must be permitted to inspect your venue.
  • Procurement and payment of all expenses related to costumes, props and set pieces, Actor(s), Director, Stage Manager, Front of House staff, technicians, lighting and sound design, stage, masking, seating risers and chairs, and any related equipment.
  • The participating Artist(s) or Performer(s) guarantees that all applicable contracts and contractual obligations that may be required by professional associations, unions, and holders of copyrights for the performances have been duly adhered to and are in place as required. All payments required under such contracts will be made by, and are the sole responsibility of, participating Artist(s) or Performer(s).
  • The participating Artist(s) or Performer(s) assumes sole responsibility for ensuring that the artistic content of the production abides by the laws of Alberta and Canada. The participating artist or performer will hold Fringe Theatre blameless and accepts full liability for any claims arising from these responsibilities.
  • The Venue Producer provides to Fringe Theatre the performance schedule, time, and duration of the show’s presentation within the start and closing times of the Festival as set by Fringe Theatre. The Fringe Theatre Lottery venue schedule will not be altered to accommodate BYoV scheduling.
  • The Artist is obligated to adhere strictly to the performance schedule, time, and duration as submitted for the Festival Guide, and will be held accountable for any financial losses resulting from any deviation of the pre-determined schedule.
  • Fringe Theatre will provide venue signage consistent with the Festival design and theme. It is the responsibility of the Artist to pick up the venue signage from the administrative office and take it down after the Festival is over. The Artist may keep the Festival signage provided or discard it at their discretion.
  • BYoV shows are featured in the Festival Guide in the same way as all Lottery shows. There is no differentiation.
  • Fringe Theatre will only support shows that fall within the Official Fringe schedule: 8 PM Thursday, August 15 to 8 PM Sunday, August 27, 2023. Any performances outside these times will not appear in the Festival Guide, online, or receive box office support.

We compile a list of regular BYoVs to help make your search easier. Click below to see the list of Fringe Theatre approved BYoVs.

BYoV Options

Note: BYoV Producer’s guide will be revised before BYoV applications open.