Are you a Fringe Artist looking for a BYoV? Here, let us help! 

Bring Your Own Venue (or a BYoV) is a venue or location not included in the list of Fringe Theatre managed venues. If you were not drawn in the Fringe Lottery, or if your performance is better suited for an unconventional space, a BYoV might be the right fit for you.

Below is a list of regularly used BYoVs. If you are an artist looking to find a home for your Fringe show, this is a great place to start. Remember, we encourage you to get creative! If you don’t see a venue on the list below that will work for you, feel free to contact other locations in the Edmonton area.

Please note:
  • Fringe Theatre does not represent or have an affiliation with the venues listed below. This list is simply meant as a resource for artists interested in producing in a BYoV;
  • The list below is by no means complete – we will update it as often as possible, but feel free to research potential locations on your own;
  • Venues vary in cost based on a variety of factors including but not limited to location, capacity, amenities, and support. Please contact the venue directly for more information, including accurate venue capacities, safety information etc.;
  • BYoVs come with financial risk, and additional work that is the responsibility of the producing company. Please consider your options carefully!; and
  • Are you a first time BYoV-er in need of a little guidance? Talk to our programming department at — they’re around to help you.

Whyte Avenue/Main Fringe Grounds

Varscona Theatre (No Vacancy) 
10329 83 Avenue
Contact: Kendra Connor –

The Grindstone Theatre
10019 81 Avenue
Contact: Byron Martin – or Jocelyn Anselmo –

Holy Trinity Church
10037 84 Avenue
Contact: Marguerite Trussler –

109 Street/ University Area

Garneau Theatre
8712 109 Street
Contact: Dan Smith –

French Quarter

Francophone Theatre
8627 91 Street
Contact: Brianne Jang –

The French Quarter (La Cite Auditorium, Campus Saint-Jean Auditorium and Sue Paterson Theatre)
8406 91 Street
Contact: Jon Paterson –

124 Street

Theatre Network (Nancy Power Theatre and Lorne Cardinal Theatre)
10708 124 Street
Contact: Bradley Moss – or Harley Morison –