For the first time in our 39 history, we won’t see you this summer, fringer. Our hearts are still a little tender – summer in Edmonton will look very different this year, but we know this decision will help our community stay safe and healthy.

This year’s Fringe Festival cancellation means we can’t gather in celebration of live theatre the same way we have for the last 39 years.

This is a devastating $3Million loss to our organization.


Without the Festival, we cannot do what we do best: connect artists with audiences through live performance.

1,600 festival artists will go without this summer: without entertaining audiences, without sharing their craft, without ticket sales to sustain their careers. Under normal circumstances, artists receive 100% of ticket sales. In recent years, artists have earned more than $1Million in collective Festival revenue at the Edmonton Fringe. This success is thanks to the hundreds of thousands of fringers like you who buy tickets, see shows, drink beer, and fringe to their fullest. Without performing at our Festival, artists won’t see that show revenue this year.

The pandemic has severely impacted every industry. It means trying to do more with much, much less. It will take us time to recover from this loss. We are not alone in this struggle. And we know you have our backs.

We need your help if we’re going to make a comeback, fringer. We need your help now so we can all get back to fringing to our fullest in 2021.

When you give, stories come alive on our stages again. When you give, buskers fill our streets with jaw-dropping acts. When you give, the heart of Old Strathcona is transformed into a home for art, togetherness, and celebration at the largest Fringe Festival in North America.

We are asking every Fringer to donate the amount you normally spend on your Fringe experience in support of our recovery and our future.

Our goal is to raise $1Million.

You heard right. $1Million. Sounds wild, right? But, if 100,000 fringers donate just $10, we will fringe on. Last year alone, fringers purchased 147,000 tickets to Fringe shows (that’s $1.72Million in ticket sales!). We know Edmonton loves to fringe, and gosh darnit, we want to fringe with you forever.

So, fringers. It’s time to go big…by staying home.

There are so many ways you can help.

Donate your yearly Fringe budget: the same amount you’d usually spend on tickets, the Festival Program Guide, and green onion cakes.

Or! Buy one $10 ticket to a show you’ll never see and a $7 beer you’ll never drink so we can Fringe Forever.

Give a little, help a lot.

30% of every dollar raised will go toward the Edmonton Fringe Artist Endowment. This new fund will provide support for Fringe theatre artists and arts workers for years to come. When we reach our goal, we will invest more than $300,000 in artists and arts workers including technicians, stage managers, and designers.

It takes an extraordinary number of people in many different, often unseen but crucial roles, to make theatre magic happen. Cultural workers here at home and across the world lost work due to the pandemic. We need to support these artists directly and sustainably. The annual earnings from this endowment will ensure we can provide more support in times of need, for Fringe artists in future crisis.

70% of every dollar raised will ensure Edmonton Fringe can maintain day-to-day operations and come back better than ever next year. It will help us continue to develop scrappy, alternative content to keep you entertained in this unusual time. It will help us open the doors of the ATB Financial Arts Barns to our community faster. It will get you back in a front row seat, eagerly anticipating the dim of the lights and rise of the curtain. It will help us get back to doing what we do best: planning the Edmonton Fringe Festival and being a home to art all year long. Your gift will help us return to the Festival experience you know and love.

Every gift will help us Fringe Forever.


$Your Personal Fringe Budget

Show tickets + Festival Program Guide + green onion cakes + cold drinks + new summer outfitplease do the math (or check your personal 2019 Fringe spreadsheet if you’ve got one!to discover how your ordinary personal Fringe budget will make an extraordinary difference. Plus, you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.



$7 - Buy the Fringe a Beer

Show your support for Fringe, artists, and community by raising one imaginary icecold frothy Festival bevy at a time.  Plus, you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.


$10 - Buy a Ticket to a Show you’ll Never See

The hottest ticket to the Fringe that Never Was…get yours before we sell out! Just kidding, these imaginary tickets are unlimited and so is your impact on the future of the Fringe! Our Festival artists have created totally bogus, absolutely bonkers descriptions for shows they will never perform and you will never see. Starting August 5, you can donate a $10 ticket to a made up show you’ll never see in support of our campaign and the newly established Fringe Theatre Artist Endowment Fund, an emergency fund available to Fringe artists – including technicians, stage managers, designers, performers, playwrights and more – in crises. Plus, you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.


Dream big? Give big!

Don’t just dream it…be it! Why not sell out a Fringe show or an entire run? Our incredible artists and audiences conquer this staggering feat every year. But since these are shows no one will ever see, your epic philanthropic gift will make you a legendary angel who will go down in Fringe history!

  • $1,200 sells out 76 tickets to one show that will never happen in Fringe’s smallest venue;
  • $5,000 buys 315 tickets to one performance at the Westbury Theatre that no one will ever see;
  • $7,300 sells out an entire imaginary show run at Studio Theatre in the ATB Financial Arts Barns; or
  • $30,250 sells out the biggest venue at the Edmonton Fringe for 6 shows that will never happen!

You will receive a charitable tax receipt, special recognition (like rare behind-the-scenes invitations or the chance to host your very own Fringe-inspired special event), plus our eternal gratitude. Questions? Please contact us at

Become a Monthly Donor

Your commitment to give a little each month helps us dream big (and accomplish big!). As a monthly donor, you’ll also receive exciting perks like:

  • exclusive invites & insider scoops;
  • one free ticket voucher;
  • a $5 gift card to the Fringe Theatre Souvenir Shop by Echo Promotions; and
  • your Charitable tax receipt


Donate your Bottles & Cans

Drink up so we can fringe on! We’ve partnered with SkipTheDepot, a door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easier than finding a seat on a sunny day in our South Big Rock Beer Tent.

It’s easy:

  1. Download the app and book a pickup;
  2. Place your bags outside; and
  3. Receive a refund and donate to us!

We are also happy to accept donations by mail: Fringe Theatre, ATB Financial Arts Barns, 10330 84 Ave, Edmonton AB, T6E 2G9

Thank you. We love you. We can’t wait to fringe with you again.

Questions? Thoughts? Don’t be shy. We want to hear from you! Reach us at

Charitable Registration No: 11885 3506 RR0001