A big thank you to this rowdy group of dedicated heroes supporting Fringe 365 days a year. Our Volunteer Board Members bring leadership, skill, and passion to all things Fringe. Not only are they extraordinary Fringe ambassadors, they also steward our Finance, Development, Policy, and Stakeholder Engagement committees.

Krista Nelson-Marciano

Krista Nelson-Marciano , Chair


Fringing Since: The early 90’s

Fringe Favourite: The company of good pals in the beer tents!

Elizabeth Hammell

Elizabeth Hammell , Vice Chair

Open Circle

Fringing Since: 2012

Fringe Favourite: Exploring the food Vendors, beer tents, and outdoor performances between shows.

Neil Matheson

Neil Matheson , Treasurer

Thompson Construction Group

Fringing Since: 1995

Fringe Favourite: Connecting with friends in the beer tents.

Jesse Yuen

Jesse Yuen , Secretary

ATB Financial

Fringing Since: 1994

Fringe Favourite: A provocative show poster or a catchy title.

Shauna Scott

Shauna Scott , Director

Freelance Director, Producer, Writer

Fringing Since: 1987

Fringe Favourite: ATB Park

Shivani Naidu-Barrett

Shivani Naidu-Barrett , Past Chair

Alberta Justice

Fringing Since: 1995

Fringe Favourite: Definitely that artsy folk vibe.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Kevin Fitzgerald , Director

MacEwan University

Fringing Since: 1983

Fringe Favourite: The theatre and the great vibe in the French Quarter (the Festival Shuttle is great!)


Christina Froberg

Christina Froberg , Director

Alberta Blue Cross

Fringing Since: University

Fringe Favourite: Green Onion Cakes!

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson , Director

Prowse Chowne LLP

Fringing Since: The 90’s!

Fringe Favourite: There is nothing better than planning out the shows I need to see (while still allowing time for shows I’ve never heard of).

Jessica King

Jessica King , Director


Fringing Since: 2014

Fringe Favourite: I love the energy and excitement you feel when getting ready to see a show.

Andrea Steen

Andrea Steen , Director

Witten LLP

Fringing Since: High School

Fringe Favourite: Everyone from every walk of life is welcome and celebrated.