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The Volunteer Kitchen is the heart of our Festival site, and we love providing nutritious, delicious eats and treats in support of our hardworking volunteers. We asked our resident Chef & Food Program Coordinator, Teresa, to pull together some of her favourite Volunteer Kitchen Recipes for you to make at home. Be sure to take photos of your results and share them with us online @EdmontonFringe on Twitter and Instagram, and Edmonton Fringe Theatre on Facebook 

Missing Teresa’s cooking this summer? She’s our head chef at the Fringe Grounds Café. Be sure to order online and pick up your to-go order from the ATB Financial Arts Barns! As a volunteer, you get a special discount at the Fringe Grounds Café – check your email for details!

A note from Teresa:

Dear Fringe Volunteers,

The kitchen team and I are going to miss you dearly this year. This would’ve been my sixth year preparing and serving you nutritious meals to fuel you during the festival.

In the absence of this year’s Fringe festival, I have compiled a few of our kitchen favourites for you to try at home. This by no means will replace the meals you would have received, but it does give you an opportunity to try something new and have some fun in your own kitchen.

Throughout the festival, our volunteer kitchen prepares to feed 500 volunteers daily, 5000 over the festival. That is a lot of food and preparation, it takes many hands to make it all possible. The kitchen crew strives to make sure the volunteers are happy and healthy.

To the wonderful kitchen crew, Thank you for all of your hard work year after year.

I look forward to an epic return in 2021!

Stay safe, enjoy summer and happy cooking!

With love,

Teresa, Food Program Coordinator

Click below for recipes, or download all recipes here!

Vegan Chocolate Beet Cupcakes

Fudgy Vegan Goodness

Fringe House Dressing

We put this on Everything

Greek Spinach Pie

Flaky in the Good Way

Coconut Beef Curry Stew

Hearty & Nutritious

Mini Frittatas

Cute ‘n’ Delicious