Tips for Fringe Innies and Outies

Innie: (noun)/inē/ 
A person who favours seeing indoor theatrical performances when fringing. #FringeInnie
Outie: (noun) /outē/
A person who favours seeing outdoor theatrical performances and buskers when fringing. #FringeOutie

Tips for Fringe Innies

Indoor Lottery Venue: (noun) /meyn steyj ven-yoo/
One of 10 locations that Fringe Theatre Adventures provide to fringe artists who have won the lottery so they may perform theatrical shows during the festival (see page X for information on lottery artists)
BYOV: Bring Your Own Venue (noun) /bring yohr ohn ven-yoo/
One of 35 locations fringe artists have independently secured to perform their theatrical show during the festival (literally, you never know where a show might take you!)

#1. OMG – There are so many SHOWS!  Picking a Show and Such… 

Fringe is the place where young and old, tots and legends are perfecting and performing their craft. One of the most unique aspects of fringe is both audience and artists are encouraged to take chances. 

Next to each show synopsis highlighted in the magazine are icons to inform you of the genre and maturity rating for that show. Determine your mood, spin the bottle, buy your ticket and fringe! 

#2. Buying Tickets

To enter any Indoor Lottery Venue or BYOV performance you must have a ticket. And, with 100% of the ticket sale going directly to the artists you’re practically investing in the next Patti LuPone, so consider yourself a true patron of the arts. 

Find details on buying tickets → 

#3. Early Bird Gets the Worm & Late Birds Miss Shows

Set your alarm and arrive on time. Actually, aim for 30 minutes early, because when you’re fringing you never know what fire-breathing, knife juggling busker will pull you into their show. 
Latecomers will not be permitted into indoor performances. 

Lastly, eat your snack and visit the loo before you arrive as well, because we are not able to let you back in the show if you step out. 

#4. Silence the Cell

Artists put their blood, sweat, and tears into their show to provide you magical experience. Don’t ruin the vibe with electronic devices. Please silence your cell and put away all recording devices.  

Tips for Fringe Outies

Busk: ‘to busk’. Busking. Busker (verb) /buhsk/
To entertain by juggling, balancing, pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or other amazing feats of entertainment on the street or in a public place
To make a showy or noisy appeal

#1. It’s FREE! No, Seriously… FREE! 

That’s right, FREE! No small print here. Thanks to gifts from Sponsors and individual community members, like you, festival events, activities and performances on our three outdoor stages are FREE the entire 11 days of festival. 

Help keep fringe free and consider making a charitable gift at the festival gates or online.

#2. Classy Folk Applaud & Tip the Buskers

The outdoor performers and buskers you’ll meet at the festival provide their acts for FREE! So, after a show pick your jaw up off the ground, applaud, and most importantly, toss a toonie in the hat. 

#3. Patios – The Outie’s Paradise

Whether you’re putting in a full day of Fringe or just stopping by for happy hour after work, we’ve got a patio for you:

  • ATB Financial Community Patio – Pack a picnic and take a break between shows. 
  • Maclab Wine Tent – Sip a cold chardonnay or a classic G&T while you and your bestie exchange show reviews and take in some light entertainment. 
  • Big Rock North Beer Tent – Bump up against an artist and get an autograph while you enjoy your beer.
  • Big Rock South Beer Tent – Listen to a performance on the ATB Financial Outdoor Stage while you knock one back. 

#4. KidsFringe

Don’t you wish you knew about fringing when you were a wee tot? Then make sure to bring your kids, cousins, nieces, and neighbours to KidsFringe. Bonus, its FREE too! Find more information about the activities and performances awaiting you here.

#5. No Fringing for Fido

With 800,000 visits, the festival site and venues are a little too loud and crowded for man’s best friend. Please keep pets at home unless they’re an on-the-clock service animal.  

#6. We [Heart] Fringe Neighbours

Old Strathcona is a rad neighbourhood, with rad neighbours. Show your love and gratitude by putting litter in the bins, keeping noise down (especially late at night), and considering your commute.