COVID-19 Mitigation & Information
We’re happy you’re here, fringer! We are committed to creating a respectful, safe, clean environment where community can thrive. We’re taking all COVID-19 mitigation and safety processes very seriously, and we need your ongoing help to ensure the health and safety of everyone who visits the ATB Financial Arts Barns.

Want to know what to expect when you arrive for a performance? Click below to learn more. We want to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Questions? We have answers. Reach us at


Times being what they are, we strongly recommend you please book your ticket in advance. Audience capacities are necessarily restricted for the foreseeable future as a way of ensuring we adhere to COVID-19 mitigation procedures and keep you safe & healthy! Purchase tickets online, through Tix on the Square, or in person at the ATB Financial Arts Barns Box Office (10330 84 Avenue). Our Box Office is typically open 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

Theatre is an exchange. A living, breathing story shared among people. At Fringe Theatre, we believe in the power of story. We believe everyone has something to contribute. And, we believe in making theatre accessible to everyone. 25% of all our regular season performances are Offer What you Will. You may offer any dollar amount you’re able to contribute, or you can offer other non-monetary ways of showing respect and mutual investment, such as tobacco, your own art, or a donation you feel the artist(s) will benefit from. No one will be turned away. Learn more.

Exchanges on tickets up to 48 hours prior to season performances. No refunds except in exceptional cases.

Late-comers are permitted for certain season performances only. Re-entry is unfortunately not allowed under our COVID-19 mitigation procedures at this time. Please contact our Box Office for details at

Fringe Theatre is home to three theatres, two studios, a lobby, and a board room. These spaces are activated by us throughout the season, or by local community groups who rent the space.

I’m here for a show. Where do I go? 

The Westbury Theatre: located through the main entrance off 83rd Avenue between the Edmonton Public Library and the Knox Church. Access the Westbury Theatre through the central lobby.

The Backstage Theatre: located on the north side of the building in the alleyway between Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard, across from the High Level Street Car stop. Access the Backstage Theatre through the marked door on the north wall of the ATB Financial Arts Barns.

The Studio Theatre: located in the south-west corner of the building between the administration office and the Westbury Theatre. Access the Studio Theatre through the main entrance or the Administration entrance on the south west corner of the building (directly across from MacIntyre/Gazebo Park).

Theatres in the ATB Financial Arts Barns are barrier free and accessible. Learn more here.

Our main box office and all theatre venues are equipped in the ATB Financial Arts Barns are equipped with hearing assistance. Learn more here.

How to use the system:

  1. Check with your hearing aid provider to see if your hearing aids are t-coil equipped. If so, ask to have it activated.
  2. When you get to the theatre, switch on your t-coil. Adjust your hearing aid volume as needed.

The signal going to your ear will be modified by your own personal hearing aid settings.

Those without hearing aids or a t-coil can still benefit by using a portable receiver with a headset. Portable receivers with headsets are available on a first come, first serve basis, and can be reserved for a performance. For more information, or to reserve a device, please contact us at or visit our box office upon arrival.

Contact us anytime with questions and we’ll gladly help you fringe all year long! Find us at