Fringe Theatre prioritizes supporting artists, whether through the Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival, Fringe Theatre Season, or our Spotlight program. We are committed to supporting the local theatre community through sustainable opportunities to create, develop and share new work.   

The Westbury Family Fringe Theatre Award is one of the ways we invest in artists. This annual award provides one local artist, group, or company with funding towards the creation of a new work to be presented as part of the Fringe Theatre Spotlight program in the following season. 


Eligible applicants must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;  
  • be a resident of Edmonton (or live within 40km) for at least one year prior to the application deadline; 
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have a valid work permit;  
  • be 18 years of age or older;  
  • be a resident of Edmonton (or live within 40km) for at least one year prior to the application deadline; 
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have a valid work permit;  
  • be a professional artist(s). In this context, professional refers to any artist committed to building and/or pursuing a career in theatre arts. Applicants may not currently be enrolled in post-secondary education specific to theatre. Applicants at any stage of their career (emerging through established) are encouraged to apply; and 
  • submit a performance-based project at any stage of development. 
  • Please note: your project must not have been previously produced in Edmonton. 

Award Amount

The Westbury Family Fringe Theatre Award is given annually to one local based theatre artist or group. The award provides $25,000 in-kind support of a new work, including:

  • A venue at the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns for the twelve (12) day run of the show 
  • Two  (2) technicians for: 
    • Setup & Strike;  
    • Technical Rehearsals; and 
    • Run of Show. 
  • Communications and public relations support
    • Promotion to Fringe audiences via Fringe Fan Club Newsletter;  
    • Social Media posts on all Fringe Theatre channels; and 
    • Collaboration on outreach and Media Relations. 
  • Patron Services support 
    • Front of House Staff;  
    • Bar/Concession Staff; and 
    • Opportunity to engage Fringe Volunteer Ushers. 
  • Ticketing Service 
    • Tickets sales at; and
    • Box Office Staff. 
  • Production incidentals 
  • Mentorship  
    • Facilitation of mentorship or consultation based on the needs of the show 
  • 100% of net ticket sales 
  • Please note: The artist or group is primarily responsible for audience outreach, marketing, and promotions. Please expect to create your own outreach, marketing, and promotions strategies to sell tickets and achieve your ticket revenue goals.  

Application Process:

Applicants must include the following in their application:  

  • lead artist name, email, phone, address, social media handles, and website (if applicable); 
  • a one paragraph summary of the artistic work you want to create (175 words max);  
  • the reasons and motivations behind the project (500 words max);  
  • the project plan, including specific activities, benchmarks, and collaborating participants if relevant (500 words max);  
  • expected outcomes of the project, including community, artistic, and personal impacts (500 words max);  
  • artistic resume or biography including details of your artistic career and training relevant to the project;  
  • groups/collectives are encouraged to include a brief history if relevant (150 words max);  
  • budget, including potential revenue (including anticipated contributions from funders [ie: which grants are you planning to apply for?], sponsors, donors, etc.) and expenses; and 
  • artistic support materials, including images, video, text, or a reasonable combination of all three. 
  • Please see “Submission Process & Deadline” below for further information regarding your application. 

Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic integrity: do you demonstrate capacity to achieve the artistic goals of the project? Will the project have a considerable impact on the community and your artistic practice? Will the project contribute to the local theatre scene in a meaningful way?  
  • Project viability: is the scope of the project manageable? Is the budget realistic?  
  • Alignment: does the project align with the overarching artistic goals of Fringe Theatre, including: 
    • Quality – does your project have the potential to be well executed in its performance, delivery, and staging with a clear depth of thought and story? 
    • Diversitydoes your project offer new paradigms and perspectives, or give voice to the minority, the unheard, or the overlooked?
    • Relevance – does your project reflect issues or concerns in our community, globally or locally? 
    • Scalability – does your project have the framework and potential to scale to a touring show or remounted production?  
    • Capacity – are there audiences eager to see your show?  
    • Fit – does the show align within the upcoming Fringe Theatre Season? 
    • Variety – does the project offer a range of genres, styles and techniques? 
  • Please note: your project must not have been previously produced in Edmonton. 

 Fringe Theatre is committed to supporting and fostering the work of diverse artists whose voices have been historically underrepresented both onstage and behind the scenes in the arts community. We encourage applications from those who are part of the IBPOC, 2SLGBTQ+ communities, and/or other equity-seeking groups. To learn more about Fringe Theatre’s efforts to create Safer Spaces, please visit our Safer Spaces program. 

Evaluation Process by Jury

Applications will be evaluated by a jury of multidisciplinary artists local to the Edmonton theatre community, who will work collaboratively to assess each submitted application based on the criteria outlined below. 

The jury is selected annually by the Fringe Theatre leadership team and is comprised 3 to 5 artistic peers and community members with professional experience and knowledge of the disciplines and organizations under review. The jury reflects a diversity in specializations, artistic practices, cultural backgrounds, and perspectives. In exchange for their service, jurors receive a small bursary. 

Fringe Theatre Artistic Director, Murray Utas, reviews all applications to confirm eligibility. All eligible applications will be shared with jury for evaluation. If we receive a significant number of applications, Fringe Theatre may short list applications before sharing with the jury.  

Each individual juror reviews each eligible application. Jurors then provide an individual and fair evaluation of each application based on the award criteria, while keeping in mind a wide range of artistic styles and practices. Jurors provide their individual evaluations and final reflections to the Artistic Director in the form of a numeric score.  

Scores from all individual jurors are compiled to assign each application a rank. The highest ranked application will be selected as the winner.  

Should it be the case that the highest score is achieved by more than one application, Fringe Theatre will undertake a process of weighting individual award criteria to determine the winner. 

Jurors are recognized as leaders in our community. As such, each juror commits to: 

  • Recognition: Be publicly recognized as a member of the Fringe Theatre Jury. 
  • Code of Conduct: Act as a role model in our community. Jurors are asked to sign a Jury Agreement and Code of Conduct. 
  • Conflict of Interest: Declare all potential conflicts of interest. 
  • Confidentiality: Maintain the confidentiality of the information received and submitted, including discussions and opinions of fellow jurors. 
  • Feedback: Provide open and honest feedback regarding your experience as juror so we can continue to refine and improve the experience for future juries. 

Interested in becoming juror? Please drop us a line: 

Successful Applicant Agreement

The successful applicant must agree to: 

  • adhere to the Spotlight program structure, fees, and ticketing structure;  
  • meet quarterly with Fringe Theatre Artistic Director to briefly discuss production progress; 
  • meet communications and public relations deadlines set by Fringe Theatre;
  • submit a final report measuring the overall success of the project and evaluating the award recipient experience; 
  • provide Fringe Theatre unlimited rights to publicize, advertise, and promote the applicant and their work in relation to the Westbury Family Fringe Theatre Award and their participation in the Fringe Theatre Spotlight program; 
  • adhere to Fringe Theatre’s policies, including our Code of Conduct; 
  • adhere to all guidelines and agreements within any contracts or contractual obligations required by professional associations, unions, and holders of copyrights for their performances; and accept sole responsibility for making all payments under such contracts; 
  • assume sole responsibility for any and all contractual obligations related to the production under their application, and for ensuring the artistic content of the production abides by the laws of local, provincial, and federal bodies;  
  • carry liability insurance and provide documentation of liability insurance to Fringe Theatre; and 
  • adhere to Fringe Theatre Award Agreement.  

Failure to comply or fulfill these agreements could result in the forfeiture of the award.  

Submission Process & Deadline

The deadline to apply for the Westbury Family Fringe Theatre Award is September 16, 2022 (11:59pm MDT-Mountain Daylight Time). 

Applications may be submitted by email (PDF please!), letter mail, or in person. 

If you have accessibility needs related to your application, please contact for assistance.  

If you have any questions about your application (or anything else!), we’ve got answers: 

Completed applications may be submitted on or before the deadline to:  

Subject: Westbury Family Theatre Award Application 
Mail: Fringe Theatre, 10330 84 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 2G9 
In person: please see our Contact Us page for Administration Office Hours 

Successful applicant(s) will be notified via by October 14, 2022. 


For nearly two decades Drs. Robert (Bob) & Marilyn Westbury have been passionate advocates for Fringe Theatre. From serving on the Board of Directors and chairing the Arts Barns redevelopment capital campaign, to personally hosting fundraising dinners for Fringe Theatre, Dr. Bob & Marilyn’s unwavering support has reshaped theatre in Edmonton.  

This award honours the Westbury’s lifetime commitment to artists, ensuring they have the tools and resources necessary to their share stories on Fringe stages for generations to come. Special thanks to the friends and family of the Westbury’s, who established the Westbury Legacy Fund through which this award is endowed.