We support the local theatre community with direct funding and in-kind supports that nurture the development, creation, and production of theatre. These programs encourage artists to create shows as part of Fringe Theatre’s Season and the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. 

Below are four streams of support available to Artists through Fringe Theatre. An Artist may apply and be awarded funding from multiple streams in the same year. 

Westbury Family Fringe Theatre Award

This annual award provides one local Artist, group, or company up to $25,000 of in-kind support toward the creation of a new work to be presented as part of the Fringe Theatre Spotlight program. 

The award is given annually and provides access to a theatre venue for the run of the show, technicians, and more! 

This award honours Drs. Robert & Marilyn Westbury, who have provided a lifetime of leadership and generosity towards theatre arts. This award is funded through an endowment fund, ensuring artists have the resources to create new and exciting theatre for generations to come. 

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Nordic & Cloutier Family Innovation Award

This annual award provides one local Artist, group, or company with up to $2,500 in funding toward professional development, training, innovation, and/or special project development.  

The Innovation Award was established by John & Vivian Cloutier and their locally owned family business, Nordic. The Nordic & Cloutier Family are dedicated community builders who have passionately supported Fringe Theatre for more than 15 years. This award honours their incredible commitment to ingenuity, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit of theatre arts that thrives in our community. This award is supported by an endowment fund and will ensure artists receive support to explore innovation and evolution for years to come. 

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Mowat Diversity Award

The Mowat Diversity Award creates opportunities to enrich the diversity of the Artists and their stories on stage.  

Annually through the Mowat Diversity Award, we dedicate one Fringe Festival lottery spot to support equity-seeking Artists by providing them a venue, technicians, lighting, sound equipment, box office support, marketing, public relations, and advertising in support of their show, plus $500 cash, mentorship, and reimbursement of their Festival application fee in full. 

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Gerald Osborn Playwriting Award

The intent of the Gerald Osborn Playwriting Award is to encourage and support Fringe playwrights who are creating plays that will be produced at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.

The Gerald Osborn Playwriting Award is given annually to one local Fringe playwright. The recipient will receive a $500 cash award. This cash award is intended to support the playwright’s writing process, artistic activities, and/or career development and may be used at their discretion.

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Equity Lottery

The Equity Lottery is given annually to one local and one local and/or national equity-seeking Artist who applies to participate in the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. 

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Fringe Theatre Spotlight Program

Each year we provide Artists resources and space so they can fully explore and execute their creative vision. Two to three companies are selected annually to produce their show at the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns as part of our Spotlight Program. 

The average project receives $7,000 in in-kind support, including access to a venue, technicians, and communications and box office support. 

Applications are accepted year-round. 

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Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival Lottery

Our Festival brings hundreds of shows to Fringe stages every August. We provide an average of $8,000 in in-kind support per show. 

Edmonton Fringe is unjuried. We provide support to Artists through an annual Lottery. There are a variety of streams for which an Artist may choose to apply to take part in the Lottery. Indoor Lottery recipients receive venue, technicians, box office support, marketing, and more! Outdoor Lottery recipients receive staging, technicians, and marketing. 

P.S. Artists may also participate in the Fringe Festival by applying as a Bring Your Own Venue Artist. 

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