Deadline for application submissions is 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday, March 30, 2020

Fringe Theatre Adventures is the producer of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. The artistic programming of the Circle Show is unjuried and selected through a lottery draw.

The Applicant agrees to present a forty five (45) minute show, weather permitting, between August 13 and August 23, 2020 inclusive (the Outdoor performances start on the first Friday of the Festival, not on Thursday the 15th). The criteria for performing on outdoor site is as such:

  1. Abides by the laws of Alberta and Canada and is suitable for all ages.
  2. The content of the performance is artistically driven.

Fringe Theatre operates:

  • North Link Pitch (located just north of the Westbury Theatre main entrance)
  • Pitch A (located on 83rd ave across from Bottega Restaurant)

Street Circle Show Stream – This stream is appropriate for circle shows and developing shows. Shows will be scheduled by Fringe Theatre. The North Link Pitch (formerly pitch D) will be scheduled between noon and 11pm daily. Formerly Pitch A, on the west end of 83rd Avenue and next to the third outdoor stage, will be scheduled between 6pm and 11pm on weekdays, and from noon until 11pm on weekends. Every show is guaranteed two to three shows per day, including one evening performance. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Liz Hobbs at


  1. The Applicant shall submit an Entrance fee in the amount of $250.00 plus 5% GST ($262.50). Performers under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian as a secondary contact on the Application Agreement form.
  2. In the event the Applicant is not drawn in the lottery OR is placed on the waiting list and then subsequently withdraws at any time, a refund will be issued minus an application fee of $25 plus 5% GST.
  3. If the Applicant is accepted into the Festival through the lottery draw and subsequently withdraws the application, refunds will be issued within the following parameters;
    – Up to and including June 1, 2020 the applicant will receive a full refund minus an Application fee of $25.00 plus 5% GST.
    – From June 1 up to and including June 29, 2020 the Applicant will receive a refund of 50% of the Entrance fee paid, minus an Application fee of $25.00 plus 5% GST.
    – Starting June 30, 2020 the Applicant will receive no refund
  4. Circle pitches are reserved for Circle shows only. Fringe Theatre reserves the right to reallocate the Applicant into a different category if they feel it is more appropriate. (A circle show is a show defined by having a beginning, middle and end, designed to build and hold a crowd, and generally involving circus skills/comedy).
  5. Any show specific information provided: Company name, Show title, and Primary contact cannot be changed once the application is submitted. Should any of these three items need to be amended at a later date, the Applicant must request approval of this change in writing to Fringe Theatre’s Artistic Director and include the reason for the change.
  6. Fringe Theatre will not accept TBA as a Show title or Company name. The Applicant must provide a name for both upon submission.
  7. Applicants accepted into the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival cannot sell or transfer their spot in the Festival to another company. If a company/individual is found to be in violation of any of Fringe Theatre’s application/participation policies the Applicant may be removed from the lottery draw or lose their performance spot and may forfeit all or part of the Entrance fee.
  8. Applicants cannot submit multiple applications for the same show. Fringe Theatre requires unique fields in Company name and Primary contact.


The Applicant will perform for donations made by the patrons of the Festival. The Applicant is obligated and accepts responsibility for remitting applicable taxes to the Receiver General of Canada. The Applicant must perform the show they submitted to the lottery draw.


  1. Fringe Theatre will provide the Street Circle Show Applicant with designated Circle Pitches and a Performer Manager to facilitate the running of said pitches.
  2. The Applicant agrees to be present at the location twenty (20) minutes prior to the start of each performance, to set up within seven and a half (7 ½) minutes before the performance, execute the performance within the allotted time (maximum forty five (45) minutes) and then strike the stage within seven and a half (7 ½) minutes. (Each performer has exactly one hour in total to set up, perform, and strike the stage).
  3. Dangerous props are not permitted on the Outdoor Stages/Circle pitches. However, the Applicant may use certain props that are perceived to be dangerous by the audience. The Applicant accepts full responsibility and legal liability for the use of dangerous props, and must sign a Dangerous Waiver Form provided by Fringe Theatre.
  4. Fringe Theatre will provide all flammable liquids for the Applicant’s performance provided that the flammable liquids required are specified prior to the Festival AND they meet the Fringe Theatre policy and guidelines regarding the use of fire. Fringe Theatre will ensure safe storage and manage all flammable liquids.
  5. If the Applicant uses fire, the Applicant may only handle the fire during the actual performance and must maintain a safe distance from the audience. Fringe Theatre will determine the distance prior to the Festival and clearly mark the stage for the Applicant. This policy is strictly enforced.
  6. Fringe Theatre reserves the right to intervene and stop a performance at their discretion if they believe that there is an unsafe situation.


  1. Fringe Theatre will include a listing of the Applicant’s show and related performance information in the Festival Program Guide.
  2. Fringe Theatre is responsible for general advertising of the Festival and the related marketing.
  3. Fringe Theatre may provide opportunities for the Applicant to be involved in publicity to promote the Festival and/or the Applicant’s show. Participation in such publicity opportunities is at the sole discretion of the Applicant.
  4. The Applicant shall be responsible for all costs directly related to the show, communication, marketing and promotion of their performances including, but not limited to, all expenses related to costumes, props, equipment, and set pieces.
  5. The Applicant is responsible for the booking and expense of their accommodations. Fringe Theatre does provide a volunteer billeting program to assist touring artist, but there is not a guarantee of host accommodations.


  1. The Applicant guarantees that all applicable contracts and contractual obligations that may be required by professional associations, unions and holders of copyrights for the performances have been duly adhered to and are in place as required. All payments required under such contracts will be made by, and are the sole responsibility of, the Applicant.
  2. The Applicant assumes sole responsibility for any and all contractual obligations related to the production under this application, and for ensuring that the artistic content of the production abides by the laws of Alberta and Canada. The Applicant holds Fringe Theatre blameless and accepts full liability for any claims arising from these responsibilities.
  3. The Applicant understands that Fringe Theatre requires all artists arrange for their own liability insurance coverage, and recommends including travel insurance, to cover their activities during the Festival.

By submitting the form below, the Applicant consents to the terms set out within this application agreement.


Fringe Theatre is able to accept credit card (MC/Visa/Amex), certified cheque, or money order. In person payments can accommodate debit or cash.

Please Note: Fringe Theatre will only accept certified cheques or money orders payable to:

Fringe Theatre Adventures
10330 – 84 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 2G9
Phone: (780) 409-9000
Fax: (780) 431-1893